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Blogging Chicks Blogroll imageI received an email over the weekend from Michelle. My email application of membership has been approved for the Blogging Chicks Blogroll. Yay for women who blog. If you are interested in joining this blogroll, go and visit The Blogging Chicks Blog. I’m looking forward to discovering more female authored blogs.

As I wrote in Updating My Blog to Reflect I have joined an all female Blogroll which can be found on my links page.

This is a women’s only Blogroll. There are Christians and non-Christians on the Blogroll. There are women who use profanity (but not excessively) and there are women who don’t. This is a diverse group of women, intentionly so. There are no hate, spam or porn sites on the Blogroll.

And to all the female bloggers I already know. Thank you. Being a female in the blogosphere is beautiful. Many of you I read and may leave little or no comments mainly due to my own anxieties. As a thank you and for sharing your inner most thoughts, paintings, drawings, poetry, writing, photography, coding and blogging knowledge here is some link love from me to you in no particular order.

Candy Minx • Osaka Daze • Carolyn Manning • Liz Strauss • Wagonized • Breeze Debris • Communicatrix • Poppycock • Sicker Than Others • We Make Money Not Art • Bonita in Pink • Hooping • Pingsix • Lorelle • Trisha’s Musings • Lynn Tucker • Candice • Ashley Cecil

The only way to face a fear is to do it… with link love.

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8 thoughts on “For Female Bloggers

  1. Thank you Lorelle. I just fixed Liz’s link. I had left off the DOTcom.

    I read you quite extensively when I began blogging. I learned much from you and still do. :)

  2. Excellent! Way to go, Jessica! I’ll also check out the Blogging Chicks. I found you from a link on Lorelle’s site — and I agree with your comment about learning from her – she’s got THE BEST WordPress tips and techniques site on the ENTIRE planet. And, yes, I looked high and low and can speak with that confidence. 😉

    Keep up the great work blogging!

  3. Hi Amy – Yes, her tips are great. I’m looking forward to the upcoming month of widgets and plugin posts she will be writing.

    It’s crazy to think that once it was impossible to research anything beyond the a library or home encyclopedia set. Now we can search the “ENTIRE planet”.

    Nice to meet you. :)

  4. Thanks for the link, I feel left-out in non-wordpress land, but well, it didn’t exist yet when I started mine. 😉

    There are way more of us here than there were in any earlier online places, and I’ll take progress where I can get it.

    (Now, women going into math, science, and engineering/cs type stuff have decreased since the 80s, that there’s a lot more work to do.)

  5. Candice – I feel linking to each other is a great thing to do as females. Math, Science and engineering… I went the other way to art, english, french, history, sociology and entrepreneurship.

    Ah, i like your blog, Candice. Doesn’t matter to me what platform you use. It’s pretty amazing that some of you have been blogging for so long. I admire you for that.

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