WordPress 2.1 update in progress

UPDATE – Presently I am still at WP 2.05. :(

David Krug has offered to update my Blog software to WordPress 2.1. I accepted this offer. As I am a novice programmer and coder, learning to let go of this aspect of blogging thru letting others underneath the hood of the car to do what needs to be done, is a good thing. I am an artist of a different kind and we all need some help from time to time.

This Blog’s Theme will also be changed over the coming days. I have found a theme, I believe to be great. It needs some tweaks and jessica-ness added. These tweaks will allow you, the reader, to read from an 800 by 600 screen resolution upwards, easily and without a bottom scrollbar appearing in your browser of choice. And for those of you with higher resolution you will not see a whole screen of white (not that white space is a bad thing). I’ll write more on this once the WordPress update is completed over the next 24 hours. The jessica-ness will make it pretty for you.

Thank you David.

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