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Northern Voice – the moose – the conference

Northern VoiceNorthern Voice was the first organized blogging conference that took place in Canada in 2005. In it’s third year, this year, it will run from February 23-24, in Vancouver, over two days at UBC.

One of the organizer’s of Northern Voice, Darren Barefoot, has posted Great Tips on Organizing a Community Technology Conference

…That said, I think a lot of people find event planning really challenging. Consider, for example, all of the drama, trauma and infrastructure that surrounds planning something pretty straightforward and often rote–a wedding.

Northern Voice is also awarding six travel bursaries to help offset the cost for Bloggers travelling to Vancouver for the conference from elsewhere.

To apply, write a blog post, or record a podcast or video blog post describing why you want to come to Northern Voice. Then submit it via our travel bursaries page.

Over on The Blogging Times you can read my Moose Hunting Story that acoompanied the conference announcement there. I am pre-registered and have payed to attend. Hope to meet some of you. I am excited as I am nervous (in a good way) to meet, share and learn from other bloggers in physical form.

Go Get Your Moose On!

The Baby Story – dog farts and sperm banks

…for *wagonized 😉 xo

There were two times during my life where I found myself wanting to have babies. The first time was during the year 1999. The year before all was to end. The year we were all taught technology was destined to fail; all digital clocks would turn to 01/01/00 reverting back to the year 1900. How could we have been such suckers.

Did you have a Y2K plan? I had a plan. Go up north and live on the family plot of land. Why not, throw a baby into the migration to. I had been married one year. I had survived death two and a half years before. I felt positive. I felt happy. I had been lied to. In the fall of that year, I found the Y2K rumours at their nastiest.

I look to pass blame on people for things that were my choice to make as an adult. It began at 12 and continues on today albeit much milder in form. Maybe it means I’m growing up.

I wanted to have a baby. I was clean, not smoking cigarettes, married, and was calm most of the year leading up to autumn and generally stable, happy, off the birth control pill and waiting. **Dude just wanted to see it fly in the air. OK. There goes some blame. Seriously, it caused anger back then. I wanted a baby. Then I realized this was not going happen. Other interests and desires seemed more attainable. I was running a business with a fellow NBCCD graduate. We were doing well. We had items for sale in boutiques up and down the Eastern Coast of North America.

I look upon this time in my life as a happy memory. I’m writin’ these words and it’s like bubbles of past floating instantly popping. A whole decade has passed. I began smoking. I began having sex with multiple partners. Consensual and great! You see, these times were not only good, they were as real as any other human experience we all could live through.

I wanted to have a baby last year. Then I realized this was not going to happen. Do I want a baby right now? Certainly – I would have to visit a sperm bank in Canada.
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God made dirt so dirt wont hurt

Someone said this to me once as he was picking up a piece of food from the ground, he had but dropped a moment earlier. I had to laugh. I laughed.

God made dirt, so dirt won’t hurt.

He believed this. He did not get hurt from eating the dirty piece of food from the ground on the trail we were hiking on.

I have been asking myself many questions as of late. Do the questions ever stop? Sometimes they do. I have had a long held belief that I am not worthy of making money. Where this belief came from I cannot remember. All I know is this, I need money to survive in this world. It is a dog eat dog world out there. A woman said “I deserve to make a living financially.”

So does the five second rule exist? Maybe you believe in the 10 second rule? Maybe you believe in the 3 second, pick-the-food up and wash it rule?

Colorblind – an idea for digital game creators

…and browser plugin developers; enabling colour-blind game players, visual equality .

Dr. Tony Hung – I mean, how frustrating is it when you’ve reached the 22nd stage, and you just can’t *expletive* finish it because you can’t tell the difference between the green and yellow balls?…

…And I’m not sure what the answer is to this issue.

An old color theory assignment of mine - Jessica Doyle - 2007If the game creators adjusted the green and yellow hues within their choice software, even by adding a little black to the green could adjust the color appropriately and probably result in improved visual colour recognition/differentiation for those players with Color Blindness.

…and on second thought – as Muhammad Saleem displayed with his Digg hue adjustment images – couldn’t game developers simply ad a filter during game development; a gamer could choose at the beginning of said game their personal color blindness preferences.

i.e. Color Blindness Settings:
Normal Y or N
Protan Y or Y
Deutan Y or N
Tritan Y or N
Manual adjustment?

This would not interfere in any way during the initial setup for game play; just another personal choice preference within monitor settings. So when yu…“you’ve reached the 22nd stage, and you just can’t *expletive* finish it because you can’t tell the difference between the green and yellow balls…,”

Game developers would do well to research this quickly and begin development for a cross game filter setting for Color Blind buyers of their product. After reading about the design implications of colour blindness on Wikipedia I put two and two together; if you build they will come. I would suggest game companies invest in hiring colour theorists, eye doctors and throw some colour blind gamers into the mix for them to test upon.

Give the players more choice in the beginning immediately after *popping the disk into game-play mode.

Does this exist as an extension for perhaps Firefox. Game players from what I am observing would benefit by a colour-blindness plugin for websurfing, blogging, researching etc ad noisome. This color blindness setting should be shipped with any new monitors and computers too.

Tony You mentioned that perhaps as many as 8% of gamers are colour-blind. That is an incredible statistic. Muhammad, I also viewed my own blog using the Color Blind Webpage Filter. It displayed to me a reasonably clear picture however, page load time was slowed significantly. I wonder if the information from this filter could be ported into an extension for firefox?

*popping… is that even a term for sliding a disk into a game console disk receptacle hole entry? 😉

36 hours later and an XiG

I still have no phone connection. Just got my Internet connection up and running again. My email is down still. :)

UPDATE – Got my crazy rigged internet phone working again. Between you and me, my router is an ass. Email is up and running albeit 48 hours later. It also looks like I have lost about 60 hours worth of emails sent to me (there are some that arrive daily to me). If any of you emailed me between now and 60 hours ago please forward it along again.

I want to write that the worst tornado to hit Canada just ripped through my apartment building carrying my cat Missy, surrogate dog Roxy and I far far away into the Pacific ocean. Splash! Alas, this is not case.

Last week I phoned Shaw to transfer the Internet service in my home into my name from Eric’s name. They said this was not possible. I asked “why not?”. Woman on phone says Eric needs to return the digital cable terminal box. OK, I say. They ask where Eric can be reached and then put me on hold to call him after I gave them the number. Woman returns saying Eric will call me when I can transfer the service into my name. Point is, Eric had told me it was all good to go and it wasn’t. I had waited 3 days also after he told me this. Good ole Eric.

Later last week, Eric stops by saying I can proceed with the transfer. I say OK. I ask when, Eric says anytime. The first time he said anytime to. Hmmm. He had brought his computer with him. I began transferring my writing, images, photos and work from his computer to my fire-wire drive. Note to anyone, always back up your work when working on a spouse’s computer as at any time they can and do pack in two hours and move out. This messed up my blogging, creating, etc… as I did not have access to my files for 3 weeks.

Yesterday, I wake up and have no dial tone on my phone. Then I discover I have no Internet connection. Ah. Now I couldn’t make any phone call to Shaw because my phone runs through the Internet with a different company for eight or so dollars per month. I call Shaw last night from the woman under the stairs’ apartment. I wait for 45 minutes. I hang up. I call them back today. I talked them out of the $29.95 new account fee. This became free. I then asked when my email would be restored. They said Eric has to give permission to release my email. “Really?” I reply.

him “Where can Eric be reached?”
me “I already gave you that phone number last week.”
him “no record of it”
me “My email is the vanesica one”.
him “We need his permission.”
me “He is moving to Thailand or Taiwan, Asia somewhere”

“I’ll make an exception this time”.
“thank you.”
“You will have your email in 24 hours”
“OK, bye.”

Eric really is moving to Asia tomorrow. It was nice the Shaw-man believed me. Pays to stay calm sometimes and haggle.

Practice saying “No” quietly and firmly when they ask: “Would you like the cable back, or this service or perhaps this Internet-G-diddly-digitally-recordable-playback-i-cable-box- speedy-bundly X-service Ma’am?” and always ask “Is the set-up fee necessary?”

Anything technical, digital or drivable has an “X” an “i” or a “G” in it’s name these days. I give this letter branding about another year.

RIP – post of early 2007

Why do things disapear. You type, you type, you type. Close the window. Realize you didn’t hit command “S”. Gone. Where does that text actually go in WordPress? Why if you don’t save the post, it does not automatically save it, if you happen to navigate away, arriving back to said page as the closings of tabs consume your fingerly fury. Form does not equal function for an artist using wordpress. When I write by hand I do not need to think of saving such. When written upon pixels, memory is but a mistake away.


The lines are gone that once were written.

post of early 2007

you arrose out of tears for fears
that seem somehow forgotton now
a mere semblance of your former self.