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Citizen Journalism with Travis Smith

Citizen Journalism – Travis Smith – Hop studios
My notes from Northern Voice – unedited from earlier today as my computer felt it necessary to incessantly drain my laptop battery while online at the conference. I typed in text-edit happily.

Editor – term came into existence in 1712
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The sickness and the voice

On Monday morning I awoke with a very sore throat at 8:30am. I was shivering. I went pee, drank a glass of water and went back to bed. I awoke at 2:30pm drenched in sweat. I thought good, the fever broke.

On Tuesday morning I awoke with the same very sore throat accompanied by swollen glands. Feeling no shivers or aches and pains I proceeded to go about my day. I sat down for the first time in weeks and joined in the conversation at Open Mic night on Successful Blog. They were talking about conferences. This was a great conversation for me. It had been weeks since I last participated and was feeling a little scared to jump back in. I did. I met some new folks.

On Wednesday morning I awoke with the same blasted sore throat accompanied by swollen glands and grumpiness.

Today I awoke and feel like shit. I’ve got that nasal congestion where you can breath fine, yet your sinus cavities are harboring all that nasty yellow mucous that only comes out if you snort inwards deeply into your throat and voilá a massive congested snot lands on a tissue after spitting it out.

Tonight Northern Voice Blogging Conference begins. I wanted to go to the opening dinner badly. I don’t believe I signed up for the dinner this week when the email was sent out to do so, as I am sick I would not be able to attend anyway. I don’t want to spread this around. I will be feeling better tomorrow – repeat ad nosium – i will be better tomorrow. That is all I can say. I am going to rest up tonight and slowly become familiar with what it is that I do in the Blogosphere again. Funny, maybe.

January and February passed so fast. What I don’t get is why I am physically sick this week. After talking to my doctor last Friday about mental health issues and her reassuring me that the way I handled this last round of three year boyfriend moves out in two hours leaving me high and dry, then the commencement of looking for a roommate and said roommate moving in and other unspoken of mean things, that I am doing as well as a normal person would given similar circumstances.

I have never been so happy to be considered normal as I was last Friday at the doctor’s office! And I suppose with being normal comes the normal common cold and/or flu. Damn!

The musical choice of the evening was Hip Hop

As many times as the days pass is how many times have I wanted to write…

Gastown Graffiti in 2003 - photo credit - EastVanEsica

…last Friday evening I went dancing at a club in Gastown, Vancouver. A few things struck me about how this particular club operated. The Bouncer/Doorman, was accepting bribes to get in the door. We all payed him some money to get in the door. We all had thought this was our cover. This was not the case. The woman under the stairs asked us for the cover money. We refused. We turned walking upstairs proceeding to speak to the doorman who originally took our money.

He gave some of us our money back and we took our place standing in line waiting again. During the half hour wait I witnessed more money handed to that Doorman and drugs exchanged with him to proceed ahead of the line. This man during an evening is surely earning more than $500 an hour.

Money is power. Drugs are power.

Secondly all of the bouncers were clad in bullet proof vests. None of the waitress’s were dawning the hard black plastic attire nor were the bartender’s. A person standing next to me proceeds telling tales of how many people have been shot in this club. WTF! Seriously, why is this club that is so wealthy in bribe and drug, not outfitting all the drunken cokeheads in bullet proof vests upon entering the premises, not unlike bowlers renting shoes in a bowling alley. Ha.
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For Uma in New York and Rick in Fredericton

A couple of updates have been added to this post after the image at the bottom.

For Communicatrix who has a good friend, named Uma, in the hospital after suffering an aneurysm.

So I cannot think of a better way to end this series than with an ode to Uma, and a plea for you to perhaps take a moment of your Wednesday to send a healing thought, or a minute to draw a green heart on your hand.

And also for an old friend and school mate of mine, Rick, who is home recovering after having had a large brain tumor surgically removed 2 weeks ago. It is still touch and go. For both of you, here are some green hearts rendered in photoshop to wish you well on your road to recovery.

5by5 green Valentine

Love from Vancouver, Canada.


I just heard from Megan and Rick. There are no pathology results back yet. They met with radiation and chemo people at the hospital to do baseline preparation, in case either course of treatment is required. Nothing will happen until the report is back. They left some chocolates and a card for the nurses on the 4th floor of the Regional. They are going to run a couple of errands and then return to Fredericton so that they are home safely in daylight and ahead of the snow storm which is supposed to hit tomorrow.

That is all the news for now.


Hi everyone — Megan here with some very good news!!!!!

We got the pathology results today:
Non-malignant (i.e. non-cancerous), grade 2 oligodendro glioma (a type of brain cell that is affected)

(Notice the non-malignant part!!!!!) This part is very exciting — the not so fun part is that the neurosurgeon said that quite often this can turn to become malignant, and given how evasive it has already been through Rick’s brain, chances are it will turn malignant at some point.

As for treatment, we still don’t know what’s going to happen at this time (and place don’t ask if you call as Rick doesn’t want to think about it!) The oncologists and the neurosurgeons get together to discuss cases on Wednesdays, so it may be a bit before we know (as they’re still trying to figure out what to do right now too, as it is very extensive through his brain). Rick still may be in for weeks of radiation and months of chemo to try to slow progression, but at least we have something more concrete to hold on to than the presumed final stage (or next to final stage malignant (i.e. cancerous) glioma that we were lead to believe all along)

Anyway, my food just arrived and I’m REALLY hungr, so I’m going ot cut this off short and go enjoy some Chinese food with friends. Counting every small blessing along the way, including all of your kind words, positive vibes and prayers …

Megan :)

P.S. Not to be rude, but they they can take their original 9-12 month prognosis (when they thought it was final stage, malignant glioma) and shove it! 😛