Turn Your Lights Off in 5 Hours

Turn your lights off in 5 hours time for 5 minutes. You can still turn your lights off now and at any time in the future.

Note: The following was emailed to me, by a trusted personal acquaintance, today. I Edited only to add links and an image.

Participate in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global Warming!
The Alliance for the Planet (a group of environmental associations including GreenPeace) is calling on all citizens to create 5 minutes of electrical rest for the planet. http://www.lalliance.fr

Have a look at your own hand - it is yours to look at and yours to understand.

People all over the world should turn off their lights and electrical appliances on the first of February 2007, between 1.55 pm and 2.00 pm in New York, 18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55pm in Ottawa and 10.55am on the Pacific Coast of North America. Click here for world clock.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate.

Why February 1?
This is the day when the new UN report on global climate change will come out in Paris.

This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion to show how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all participate, this action can have real media and political weight. Please circulate this call, to your utmost ability, to your network.

Unplug yourself – take 5!
World Disaster IMAGES

UPDATE – The UN report on global climate change is being discussed around the internet.

  • From The Star – U.N. panel blames humans for warming
  • From the CBC.ca – Climate change report to say global warming ‘very likely’ man-made
  • From Monsters & Critics – France turns off lights to highlight global warming
  • From France24.com – The lights went out at major tourist attractions across western Europe for five minutes, including the Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum, to raise awareness about climate change.
  • …and a Catch 22 from Online Opinion – Reef may benefit from global warming

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    6 thoughts on “Turn Your Lights Off in 5 Hours

    1. Well, I think I’m covered, even though it is now only 10:15. I came in to work today to find the power off in the entire neighborhood, and it was only just returned to us.

      I’ll probably do the 10:55am thing anyway, though. Thanks for letting us know!

    2. Well I turned off the power, but nobody else in Sweden did – it fact it seems as if the power consumption went UP over those 5 minutes. Bloody Swedes…

    3. JTony – Power was already off at work… that can be very cool when one works on a computer in an office. Thanks for participating. I turned my power off last night and went to sleep. Turned it back on 5 minutes after.

      paddy – Bloody Swedes eh? Well you turned yours off :) You lead the Swedish fight of darkness yourself! :) Thank you for joining in.

    4. Yes, it was very cool. Getting to chat with coworkers and read comics and getting paid to do it. I haven’t been paid for something so silly since I worked at Sega.

      One drawback is not having emergency lights in the stairwell or the bathroom. Particularly the bathroom. Pitch black. Just finding the urinal without mishap was an adventure all in itself.

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