Atlantic Canada Under Water – Illustration

acajessicadoyleca.jpgThis illustration appeared on the cover of Atlantic Coast Alliance Magazine ©2003. I rendered it using watercolor, ink and colored pencil as an illustrated representation of Atlantic Canadian Culture. Can you find them all? Click image for the larger magazine cover this illustration appeared on.

Ann of Green Gables • covered bridge • pottery • Dream Catcher • potatoes • lobster • whales • theater • fish • lighthouse • two tourists • vikings • clams • apples • four leaf clover • bagpipes • fiddle • camera • puffin • water • maple leaf

If you can’t find them and do not know what they are, each of the above words and phrases are linked off-blog for information. These aspects of Maritime life seem to be what the tourists enjoy most. I must say I don’t blame you one bit. These things are great.

Historical Fact about Maritime Lobster.

In North America prior to the 20th century, local lobster was not a popular food. In the Maritimes, eating lobster was considered a mark of poverty. In some parts of the Maritime provinces of Canada, lobster was used as a fertilizer for farmers’ fields, and a great deal of lobster was fed to slaves or the lower members of society.

While in Vancouver a century later…
Two weeks ago here in Vancouver the wealthiest of the wealthiest paid $500 a plate for such Maritime lobster. This dinner the wealthy attended is for future Stanly Park restoration and tree replanting. It is atrocious to think they flew lobster from 3000 km away causing more Global Warming which is the very thing that is attacking their precious Stanley Park to begin with. You can read more about the $500-a-plate Gala fundraiser – a tax-free night out for rich here.

As a side note – My current share of rent payable is $500 monthly. For the price of the food you ate in that one sitting, I have a roof over my head for one month. Think about that.

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  1. Don’t lose all hope! The things that Vancouver is doing around social enterprise is truly inspiring… with Vancity as a strong support hub, there are a tonne of (young, yet) great initiatives.

  2. Hi Fraser – yes, there are initiatives here. Hope is what I hold on to. BC specifically Vancouver is going through another growth spurt with regards to people, technology and construction. 2010 is just around the corner. 😉

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