Self discipline in a modern world rant

Find yourself asking why? Asking how come?
Just like TV, the Blogosphere has channels.
So many so that you can not count them.

When one is an actual blogger who posts to their own or on a multi-contributor blog telling the difference between law, Blogosphere law, all existing international laws, right and wrong, illegal or not supposed to do that and what about spam? Then their are splogs. There are celebrities and blogebrity’s. Mash-ups and rhapsodies. Link Fests and farms, scrapers and navigators, linkers and talkers, readers and commentators.

OMG and WTF Technorati 2000 bloggers.

I am telling you all to SHUT-UP already today.


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3 thoughts on “Self discipline in a modern world rant

  1. paddy – LMAO! I was feeling a little angry. A tad angry. Maybe a lot angry. Feeling better today.

    nakedpastor – and gremlins and things that go bump in the night.

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