Stressing about starfish – blog update

Ever get close to seeing a goal fulfilled or acted upon and felt the insane pressure, creativity, learning, hyper-metaphysical endurance it takes for one to finally put something for sale on the internet to you, the unknown?

I present Star fish. la la laa

My apologies go out to all the men and women bloggers and human beings in the online/offline world this has affected. My outbursts of emotion and moral indignity have just gotten out of hand. I am a happy woman. Taking a step into the unknown betting, yes, I say betting because I am betting on behalf of mine own ass. I am. And so are all of you. Thus, this is life, learning and commerce and this is undeniably the way of the future.

On a formal note: I’ve chosen to sell my art offblog on other much more financially and spam secure, international artist, crafter and designer seller sites. I am registered with Cafepress, iStockphoto and Etsy.

This blog, this place is where I can be my personality; be me. My artwork for sale will remain offblog on the aforementioned sites i.e. original art, housewares and gifts, apparel and professional quality vector and raster image downloads available in eps, psd, ai and jpg.

I don’t pretend to know how other artists launch their careers online. This is how I am doing it. How’d you do it? OR “How yuu doin’?” in my best Joey Tribianni voice.

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2 thoughts on “Stressing about starfish – blog update”

  1. I like your post. Very honest. I am an artist also. I sell in a local gallery, but I also have sold online for a few years. I’ve sold on ebay and made thousands there, but lately the fees as well as customer demands for something for nothing discouraged me. I know list some stuff on etsy too. That way I can set my price and not feel like I’ve been prison-raped when I sell a piece. I don’t sell as much, but I’m happier. Café doesn’nt seem to do it for me, but who knows. I also sell off-blog too. I just have a little button on the side that leads to my etsy shop. good luck!

  2. How are you finding Etsy? I thought about ebay also but declined the invitation to do so. I like the orginal and only original art stance that Etsy takes with what they sell on their site.

    I looked at your art earlier today. I must say I enjoy the watercolor named Northern Lights / Evergreens

    Very nice! I see we also have something else in common. I am from New Brunswick to. 😉

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