Improving public communication with government officials

Government officials;
The masses are doing it already.
The masses are practicing conservation and the plead upon adaptation of the three R’s.

They use public transit
They walk
They rent
They bike
They find
They search
They recycle
They reduce
They re-use,
They garden.
They work very hard at what they do
to survive
and money is their only enemy.

The Urban Poor Conundrum.

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4 thoughts on “Improving public communication with government officials

  1. I think it’s crazy how expensive it is to use public transport. I have to drive 45 minutes to work (alone) and I’d much rather use public transport. But it’s utterly impractical, it would take me 1.5 – 2 hours and cost more than a car. Public transport should always be a cheaper option than a car.

  2. Public transit tends to work well within city limits because the distances are shorter. When outside city limits their needs to be rapid transit buses that do not stop at every corner along the way.

    1.5-2 hours – that is a long time Mr. Angry. I find even 45 minutes a long time. When i went back to college here in Van for upgrading, I spent between 1.5-2.5 hours on the bus everyday going back and forth to college. I learned to sleep along the way most days waking just a stop or two before needing to jump off.

    It is $2.25 to ride the bus in Vancouver though 1 zone. There are three zones here. Each additional zone is an extra dollar. Can get to being very expensive when you need to travel back again.

  3. First of all, good poem. The parallelism gives it a good cadence and lots of energy. I like how you insert the three Rs toward the end, but move past them quickly.

    Second, thanks for swinging by!

    And last, thank God I get to ride my bike to work. What a joy!

  4. Mark – Hello. Nice to see you here. And your blog is great. Got me thinking and actually typing some sentences over there.

    The parallelism gives it a good cadence and lots of energy.

    Thank you.

    I used to bike quite a bit when i lived in New Brunswick. I prefer walking in the big city and riding the bus. There is no lack of bikers here. There are year round specific routes and lanes marks especially for bikers here.

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