is one year old today – Hooray

Happy Birthday Blog!
The following is a re-print of the very first post published to this blog one year ago today on 05/03/2006.

Personal vs Professional vs Private vs Public vs Plethora?

This question has been asked me by others and I have considered it myself over the past few years, namely during the past few weeks upon the decision of the five “W”’s of These are the five “P”’s I have been considering. This has occupied my mind in abundance!

Appropriately, I thought best to answer it in my first post as I enter into unknown territory. This website will be a Plethora – a superabundance of all the “P”s as defined on This plethora will not have walls, nor will it have secrets. It will progress naturally. Having different websites, one personal, one professional, one private and one public just overloads the internet with too much. And, mine own organic system of understanding and organizing what one person could like and what another person could not like is censoring myself creatively. Truth be told to do this could cause staleness or rather numbness; a state of feeling nothing.

It is impossible for one to know what another is thinking or feeling. Only is it possible to accept that everyone will have there own opinion, including me. There will be similarities in these opinions, thoughts and emotions. However, not everyone cries when they are sad, not everyone laughs when they are happy and not everyone gets angry when they are hurt.

On my business card there are two words on the reverse side which also appear at the top of this site; emotion creator. I create emotion. You create emotion. You touch it, see it, taste it, hear it, smell it and CAN think about it. Think about it?


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13 thoughts on “ is one year old today – Hooray

  1. Thanks Mike – nice to see you :)

    My regression over the past couple of months is slowing and progression is beginning again happily day by day.

  2. nakedpastor – Thank you. Was a lot of fun to turn my orginal drawing into a hand drawn vector in Illustrator.

    Fraser – Thank you. Glad you have been enjoying them. Cheers to you!

  3. Congrats Jessica

    It is actually quite funny, I was reading one of your comments over at about how a screenshots suggests all your readers are male.
    I come over here, and see that all but one of the faces in your MBL widget are male 😉

  4. Andy – I had found that fact funny and had to laugh when I saw the names over there. Don’t get me wrong I think women read my blog but cannot be certain. Only if stats were more efficient at telling what the sex of a person is.

    I haven’t been able to complete my cocomment registration yet dude. I begin and then get sidetracked. It will happen soon.

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