Rain – 21.03.2007

Sun - EastVanEsica - 2007 - Gel pen on acid free black paper.Oh how I wish for the rain to cease. Why not rain, one day like crazy. Thunderclaps and lightening. Throw it down anyway you wish. Then, let us see the sunshine for a full two days. :) Two days, maybe three? OMG could you imagine if the sun came out for three days in a row?

This grey (gray) is messing with me. It is the same grey (gray) day in day out. Grey. How many shades of grey (gray) exist? Perhaps millions? A quadrillion!

In Vancouver we get one shade of grey (gray) and it is called rain. Rain, rain and more rain.

The sun breeched cloud cover two days ago though. So bright. So cheery. Then it went away. And won’t be back again, for another four days. rain. Rain. RAIN! Go away. Come again some other day.

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