A pillow fight became me – How to get free bread and why you should skim those bulk emails from friends

And the feathers puffed out, floating about us.
Laughing inhaling we reacted with another soft thud.


Scroll down for vid. I am the one cirlced in yellow. I did not hit the cameraman with my pillow I hope. Beyond Robson has published World Wide Pillow Fight Club 2.0 – fluffier and more poofy. Peter lists the finer details, including the rules I don’t list in this post, if you might be interested in attending next year’s pillow fight.

I found the video of the cameraman I almost knocked over. If you listen closely to the video above, someone yells “Don’t hit the cameraman!”. I laugh and say “Where is the cameraman?”. He tapped me on the shoulder. He was directly behind me. I couldn’t stop laughing. I am circled in yellow on the video screen capture to the left. :)

How I came to be at that pillow fight.

Four evenings ago I attended The Crystal Method DJ set at the Commadore Ballroom, put on by Bacardy. That night Darren asked Junko and I to attend a surprise in front of the VAG taking place on Saturday March 27th. I have been laughing more lately. It was a great time to reminisce with Junko and Darren about our past journeys to the underground, above ground.

I had been emailed a link within a bulk email from a friend at 3:30am three weeks earlier. I peeked at messenger. Nobody was alive except for a few. I messaged every one of them.

Get tickets for free to see The Crystal Method right Now.

Darren responded and together we got three tickets.

By mid-morning it had sold out.

We ate sushi before the concert. Oh how I have missed sushi. I can’t believe I miss sushi. I am Canadian and I miss sushi. I’ve been doing the buy bulk and cook two or three days per week and refrigerate then freeze and serve when needed routine. Eating out is a luxury. Damn it tasted good.

And then the sun came out later in the evening.

Upon arriving home from the afternoon’s World Pillow Fight Club 2.0 Joy, myself, Soren and Curtis went to Lynn Valley with Roxy and Brodey. I was angry. I wanted to go to Granville Island to get free bread. This was the first time Joy and I have actually argued. So funny now. After arriving to the Canyon any lingering rain anger disapated as the sun came out while we were driving (I was in a car. OMG. My eco-footprint is ruined) across a to-remain-nameless bridge to North Vancouver.

The Lynn Valley Canyon is a little rain forest. Why I am writing like I am in Grade 7.

The Lynn Valley Canyon renowned for it’s quaint rain forest beauty. Focus gone. Thought stopped. Rewind.

Last free thing before I turn into bed. I got a shit load of Bread. We got a lot of bread after leaving the Canyon. Artisan loaves. Free. Granville Island. We gathered enough to feed five people for about 10 days each. Nothing wrong with the loaves.

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3 thoughts on “A pillow fight became me – How to get free bread and why you should skim those bulk emails from friends

  1. Just a quickie on sushi. Since we arrived in Taiwan, we are able to get red tuna pretty cheaply and eat homemade sashimi for dirt cheap. I think one piece of red tuna is about 3 CAN$.

    I love how the red tuna melts on your tongue.

    Pillow fight, takes out a bit of aggression.

  2. range – I could use another pillow fight about now. That was a fun day for sure. Ah, sashimi – I haven’t tasted that in a while. I like tuna maki. Yummy.

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