The Aftermath

What is the most cost efficient way to move you, your cat and years worth of art and supplies 2628 miles or 4230 kilometers over land?

I am moving.
This will be a cross continent haul.

Coming to Theaters this June!

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17 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. It takes courage to make a big move. Physical or emotional – sounds like your move will be some of both. Sorry, no clever advice for making a cost-effective move. Unless you can track down someone at university in BC who’s heading back here for the summer (or for good) and has spare space in the cross-country U-Haul/truck, in exchange for shared expenses? Subscribing to you now, so I can follow your move back home… I’ll be rooting for you…

  2. I moved north to south four years ago in a similar “I’m done with this place” kind of fashion.

    1400 miles with the dog in my old hatchback (the dog travels well, we’ve probably done nearly 10k miles together) and a pickup truck with a little trailer for the rest.

    UHaul was prohibitively expensive at the time.

  3. Hi Jen – nice to meet you. As it stands right now I will be out of my apartment at the end of this month. I am still working through the finer details of this trip and will keep your idea of contacting students to see if any are indeed traveling back to NB.

    Thank you for subscribing.

  4. Candice – Wow! I’ll be traveling with my cat Missy. Yeah these past couple of weeks really put some things in perspective for me and the time is now to move. I am thinking of an RV or motorhome.

  5. I moved…
    I don’t know how many miles or kms. From Montreal to Taiwan.

    Actually I just checked. 7480 miles or 12038 kms from Montreal.

    We left things in storage, things I would like to have again, like all my books, music, comics, art, art supplies. But I’m getting OK with the art supplies, I’ve been getting them in Taiwan with no problem.

  6. Wow, Jessica!

    Why the move? Is your family in Saint-John or is it for a job or just for fun.

    Moving sucks ass. I’ll have moved 5 times in the last 11 months.

  7. An RV, that might be an interesting way to go. They are not easy things to drive, though; kind of like driving buses.

  8. range – I won’t be leaving anything in storage. I’ve got IKEA furniture and plan to sell it on Craigslist as Vancouverites are insane about IKEA and I have furniture home. Tonight that is the plan as I am researching choices available. Thus far flying is cheapest. Driving will cost me an estimated $1200 to $1500Cdn to drive across Canada.

    As for the why? Well that’ll be a post (s) in the coming days. It might be a why not.

  9. candice – yes, an RV is a possibility or a camper van which I’d be more comfortable driving.

    The manager of the building I live has already shown the apartment. I guess this makes it real. :)

  10. If you’re thinking camper van, maybe do the classic VW Micr’bus of song and legend, and make it a real blogiferous neo-hippy odyssey? There could be a whole YouTube series in it, maybe performance art. It’s not going backwards/back home, but going east into the sunrise/your future…

  11. Shipping furniture across the country is expensive.
    My wife moved some of her stuff into storage from Montreal to BC and it was about 2600 with one year’s storage included. She didn’t have that much furniture, but she still had some.

    Selling furniture is the way to go. I didn’t manage to sell a lot, but I was able to move some pieces. Give yourself the time to sell them adequately though and be careful about vultures trying to deal you down too much.

  12. Jen – I will be flying. YouTube could have been cool. Maybe Next Year when gas prices drop. :)

    going east into the sunrise/your future…

    That is a beautiful way to look at it. Going into the sunrise, leaving the sunset forever in the West.

  13. Jessica’s moving! And not to Bahrain? 😉

    Hope it goes super smooth…and whatever niggles along the way are easily resolved…stay safe Jessica.

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