7 Urgent Things

Today’s urgencies often mean nothing tomorrow.
(an emergency or a screaming hype might not be important in the long run)

  1. Belonging is akin to feeling held, feeling at peace with whom one is, just as one is.
  2. Exhaustion stems from the urgency to be. Is this similar to traffic?
  3. Twisting onwards, upwards the drain yield beginning.
  4. Half of everything is missing and half of nothing is real.
  5. Endurance is only evident to the one going through it. True or false? No walking the line either.
  6. When nothing makes sense in a person’s environment that is not urgent; it is chosen. Therefore, one needs adapt or trek.
  7. We are only as free as the society we live in.

Carolyn Mannings - Getting it Together 2007

This Friday from Noon – 1PM *Vancouver time, I will be moderating a discussion on Thoughts & Philosophies. Carolyn Mannings, whom is owner and writer of this Blog, is hosting a discussion. It will be informal. The Seven items above are the initial points that came to mind when writing this post.

Bring your ideas and tune in to the other great hosts moderating:

Getting it Together

Western Session – Friday’s Hosts

Rick Cockrum, USA, Shards of Consciousness
Bes Zain, USA, The Reasoner
Carma Dutra, USA, Carma’s Window
Jessica Doyle, Canada-eh!, Emotion Creator

Eastern Session – Saturday’s Hosts

Leah Maclean, Australia, Working Solo
Nneka, Trinidad, Balanced Life Center
Lyman Reed, USA, Creating a Better Life
TechZ, Bahrain, TechZ Online
Chris Owen, Australia, Pink Apple Connection

Carolyn is looking for two more people to moderate an hour long Western Session. Interested?

The two topics to choose from. Pick one and do it. ‘Cause it’s cool.

  • long-term projects need short-term attention (tend to the small details and the big picture will fall into place
  • siesta time (optimum productivity needs regular R&R)

*Please check your timezone here.
**This conference being put together by Carolyn (who by the way is doing a fantastic job) was inspired to be held for those Bloggers who cannot attend SOBcon 2007.

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6 thoughts on “7 Urgent Things

  1. Jessica, the point that most speaks to me is #4 Half of everything is missing and half of nothing is real. Gee, does that speak of me, as well?

    All of your seven urgent things have the potential to keep you going for at least an hour; they’re each good post topics, too.

  2. I’ve set my alarm and everything…I’m all ready for tomorrow morning!

    *Gets to work on preparing for this*

  3. Carolyn – It speaks volumes to me too. These points I pulled from a much larger post I had written in paragraph form. When it came down to it only the points were relevant and not the story on a whole. Yes, you are right, they could make good posts on their own.

  4. Techz – I’m hoping to take in as much as possible of everyone else’s time slots on both Friday and Saturday. I am in the midst of preparing to move cross-country and i think that just hit me last night that I have a lot of household items to either pack or sell.

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