Pondering Critical Mass in Relation to Circles, Lines and Language

Is it the negatives adding up that cause critical mass in human beings? Or is it just the positives revealing themselves not as a collective of things but as a gathering of facts, ideas and momentum.

They feel right together. The other things can’t be fixed.

Is it a series of tubes, circles and lines?

I get to thinking of possibilities and realities, putting perspective between the two. I envision possibility as form and reality as colour. Roman numerals and rarely letters surface every once in a while out of colour and shape. Usually this is a good time to make a major decision. When I add up the positives and the negatives they equal each other. Cutting and pasting can only hold for so long. Similar to mending maybe.

Their needs to be a complete rewrite in order to continue. I am happy about this. I just freaking wish there was a way to move the plants, trees, herbs, vegetables and flowers I care for with me. “Was that a Japanese maple tree we passed Herb?” on the trans Canada Highway.

Dammit I actually think I am afraid to drive across Canada. Ok, now that I have written that out, just as siren’s sound outside the office window I need to laugh. Bahahahahahha. This still doesn’t take away the fear or the cost of gas to drive 4000 some odd kilometers.

I now despise “er”s and “re”s after having written kilometre. I mix those two spellings up every day writing and typing. Thank you Late Immersion. I mix up alignleft when writing a post by spelling it alingleft. a-LING-left. It sounds like ding-a-ling and it is making me mad. I mix up French and English spelling daily. They reverse each other. It will be good to be back in New Brunswick where Franglais is rampant and Engrish is developing not far behind. Self diagnosis – I am an Engresher suffering from Engreshian, a disease of the mind where an English speaking person who later in life learns French cannot determine the sex of a word and/or whether to spell words using an “es”, “se”, “ionne”, “ion” or the famous twins “re” and “er”.

Critical Mass is interesting stuff
when thought of, in terms of money, love and life
with no particular order of significance given.

Is this series of tubes, circles and lines reversing?

The idea that a human being can hit critical mass is what I had been pondering early today while cooking supper. I was surprised to be met with a Cycling Event when I typed critical mass into Wikipedia. “Ahhhh, no CRITICAL MASS is not.a.figment.of.my.imagination. This idea exists and has been written about and discussed. I remember from somewhere over the last 20 years. Cycling around and around has nothing to do with it. Ah, there is a disambiguation page.” I click it, spiraling out into the *tube.

I would rather be met with the disambiguation page of the Critical Mass entry than the Cycling Event (and anything human propelled on wheels) named Critical Mass held monthly to take back city streets from cars (and yes that is a wonderful idea, I am not arguing that). If a disambiguation page exists making it the front page of an entry in Wikipedia would be better, giving the users the choice of how to proceed with the meaning referencing their intention at the beginning of their query. This was meant to be. One reason I am choosing to move is the incessant traffic in Vancouver and it will likely get worse before it gets better. Wouldn’t this delete the need for a disambiguation page?

I chose the refinery over urban traffic.

Map of the Blogosphere - courtesy Discovermagazine.com

This Critical Mass Software entry inspired this post along with a question from range asking why I was moving. Is language the tubes in the illustrated *map of the Blogosphere pictured above.

*A tube is just a three dimensional line right?
*image credit – first two in order of posting jessicadoyle.ca

*image credit – last image Discovery Magazine

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2 thoughts on “Pondering Critical Mass in Relation to Circles, Lines and Language

  1. I have been wondering about critical mass and momentum for the past few days now. I still cannot put my finger on it.

    Is it also possible to reach critical mass and thus momentum, by just one person? One individual? The thought process of just one single person reaches critical mass?

    Or are the thoughts of just one person, influenced by so many other persons?

    Anyways… without breaking down what critical mass and momentum EXACTLY means, I, for me, am convinced that once critical mass and thus momentum is reached, CREATION commences.

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