Is this what it means?

If you don’t say what you believe then what is it that you are saying?


The struggle can drive the best of us mad at times, leaving us breathless, pondering why and how it all began. If struggle exists every moment of our lives when is there time to evolve, embrace and hence, move forward taking what we learned during this struggle, reshaping and making it the norm in our lives until the next storm materializes.

There is a calm about me lately; a sense of being which is and has become apparent for periods of time during my life. Wishing to know the answers causes dullness to the inquiries I ask the crevices of my mind. Dullness may not be the appropriate word; perhaps awareness would suit better. I am aware. I am unaware of the future and wary of the past. Is this what all the rage is about? Being in the now? Being in step with what is happening moment to moment without hestitation or the inclination to run?

Is this what it means to feel safe? To feel loved?

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2 thoughts on “Is this what it means?

  1. Its nice to read your voice, Jessica.

    Its probably good we aren’t aware of our growth until one morning in the future when it dawns on us. It is nice when what dawns on us is something more than, I’m getting old and I”m still a dumbass–no matter how much that might be true.

    But I think we just do it as best we can, day to day. Gardening and getting to know how your little area responds to the change of the seasons helps. Are the rhythms that much different than what goes on inside of you?

  2. Jecklin, it feels nice. It feels good.

    Are the rhythms that much different than what goes on inside of you?

    When it stormed out west for weeks on end outside beginning in Novemeber, inside it was brewing to. I lived through many a strom and I’m sure I’ll live through many more. This past storm is calming and plants are growing in the garden now.

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