All kidding aside migrating to from is…

…sending me into an organized chaos. Currently I have 3,000,000 categories and ZERO tags here on I came to simplify not to multiply. Growing pains this is perhaps.

Comments will be closed on and comments will be OPEN here tonight hence forth.

Come and watch while I *dance behind the scenes creating a space for creativity in between you and me.

Expect change here everyday. Expect feed, link and Blogroll updates.

As far as I can tell the XML file created using a plugin by Aaron Brazell imported quite nicely, thanks to sunburntcamel’s find/change wizardry. French accents and other characters, however, did not. I’ll be editing every single post in this blog for personal reasons. I will not be deleting any published post nor changing any information contained therein but will be updating grammar, spelling, coding and linking mistakes.

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12 thoughts on “All kidding aside migrating to from is…”

  1. heh, i’ve always kind of wanted to go through and rip apart the grammar, spelling, and awkward sentences in my old posts. every time i start, i wind up just deleting a bunch of them.

    i don’t know why the categories and tags imported that way… there might be a better way to do things now that has tags. sorry.


  2. Hey sunburntcamel… no apologies necessary. I wouldn’t have anything here if it were not for you :) I did find something cool under the hood here though.

    In the Dashboard navigate to Manage then categories. Now scroll down to the bottom of the category page. There exists a nifty category to tag converter. I have yet to use it but will be soon. My tags/categories need a clean up 😉

  3. OK, I read your last post…but you had done such a wonderful job of keeping your blog going, I guess it’s a good thing for you though. This way you can concentrate on writing :)

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