Happy Halloween! Power Puff Girl Style

This year I’ll be working during the day and later handing out candy to kids in the neighborhood. We expect 200-300 trick or treaters to come knocking on the door this year.

The pics below are from a party I attended, at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver, in 2005. We created our own patterns and sewed the dresses up a few days before the event. We jaunted down to Chinatown, frantically searching for china flats which we found and purchased. We later found decent wigs from a crazy shop (I can’t remember the name…?) on Main St.

Power Puff Girls 2
From left to right – Me (Jessica), Michael, Leah, unknown guy #1 and guy #2

Power Puff Girls 1
From left to right – Leah, Lala, Junko and me (Jessica)

…and from last year, and more scary…

Have a great, fun and safe Halloween everyone!

•Photo credits – Darren Lee
•Mini opening photo credit – me
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8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Power Puff Girl Style”

  1. i love your powerpuff girl costume…me and my friends are trying to do that and i was wondering where you got the costume are where you got the dresses bc the style is really cute! i hope to hear from you asap.

  2. We actually made the dresses Andrea without using a pattern. Simply take a dress that you currently own and trace around it’s contour for a basic size on paper. Make sure to leave an extra 1″ all the way around for when you sew the dress. Cut a scoop neck and your ready to go. And to make it easier to make you can buy certain fabrics that don’t fray when cut so that they don’t need to be hemmed. Hope this helps!


  3. ahhhh miss all the fun with you Jessica!

    Have no plans for Halloween this year yet. Besides, I am super busy with my other plan…which is coming back to Canada!

    What are you going to be this year?? Love your creativity, you are my inspiration!

  4. Hi Junko!

    I miss having fun with you to Junko! I’m not sure what I’ll dress up this year as… as of yet.

    Awah sweetie you are my inspiration to. I miss the meals we used to cook together and hanging out listening to music while drawing and creating. Our paths will cross again someday. Until then you are in my thoughts… xoxoxoxox

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