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Darren from Deezone is arriving today

Darren is arriving today. He began his journey in Vancouver and is slowly making his way across the country. Well, to the Maritimes that is. His first stop was Toronto, then Moncton and downwards to Saint John (me) and onwards up to Fredericton.

I can’t wait to see him. We attended the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design together from 1992 to 1996. We’ve been friends ever since. Upon my arrival in Vancouver four years ago I lived with him in Gastown until getting settled into my own place.

Darren blogs at Deezone. He’s a fabulous claymation artist. Go and watch him make things move! And don’t forget to check out Beautiful Puppet Agony, an ongoing project of his inspired by none other than the infamous Beautiful Agony.

Here is a sample of Darren and also Junko’s creative clay work. It’s been viewed 137000 times!

Last year I did some voice over work for Darren for his ongoing Porcelaine Philosopher Project, which you can listen to. One of them is called You don’t get paid to be nice. There are three other recordings there of mine. They are unscripted and of my own words. Enjoy!

He’ll be staying with me for two or three days. I’m so excited! I wish I had today off work. I work a 3:00PM to 11:00PM shift. I do however, have both Saturday and Sunday off. Haha!

Artists Tip #2 – What to do when your pencil lead breaks

Artists Tip #2 – What to do when your pencil lead breaks

When your pencil lead breaks because you pressed too hard and you do not have a pencil sharpener or pocket knife handy, simply light the end of your pencil on fire using a match or lighter, let it burn for 10 seconds and blow it out. You now have charcoal which is an excellent substitute for lead. Repeat as needed.

Next Weeks Tip – How to hide that unsightly pen line

Last Week’s Tip

Red Abyss – miniature illustration

013 - Red Abyss

Actual Size in Reality – 2.5 by 3.5 inches. It is a miniature.

Materials – Red and Black Micron Pen with Windsor & Newton Watercolor on Crescent Hot Press All Media Board

Artist Statement – This is number 013 of 999 ACEO’s that I have begun illustrating. I love drawing, then painting these little cards. An ACEO stands for Artist Cards, Editions or Originals. They must measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches. An ACEO is a standard trading card size not unlike a Baseball, Hockey or Magic Card. In time I’ll produce limited edition prints. For now only the Originals are available.

Red Abyss is lucky number 013.

The colour of health and how I forgot to publish this yesterday.

Ever feel the fog lifting? Have you ever witnessed the fog lift in the evening just as the sun is setting? The colours are most awesome; the oranges, scarlets and violets.

A friend said to me today “The fog has lifted for you eh? And yes, I suppose it has.”

This past Thursday I got a clean bill of physical health from my doctor. This is the first time that that has been so in more than a decade. I finished the Paxil taper on the following day, Friday. A little over a week has passed since.

The side effects of tapering have diminished significantly. I have an appointment with a Mental Health Professional this coming Tuesday to take care of any loose ends and brain blips. Other than that I’m all good. It’s all good. Good. Great.

My weight is stable. I’ve lost 26 pounds over this past year. I wear a size 6 to 8 comfortably at 5 foot 5. If I put on 5 pounds I’m considered overweight by the standard BMI charts and that fact is ridiculous.

The Jimmy Swift Band

I saw these guys perform live in Halifax at the Opera House in 2002 or was it 2001… and in Vancouver later…
…those years are a bit blurry.

The Jimmy Swift Band is coming to the Akhord (down on Water Street) in Saint John, New Brunswick on December 08/07. I’ll be there with bell’s on. Well, maybe a hula hoop or two.

Note to self: BOOK the time off work as you deserve to go out and have fun as you have been working your ass off.

Artists Tip #1 – What to do when you have no water

Artists TIP #1 – What to do when you have no water

If there is no water nearby and you NEED to paint, place paintbrush or whatever creative instrument you prefer into your mouth, think of your favorite food and wait for the gushes of saliva to appear and wet your brush.

Next week’s tip: What to do when your pencil lead breaks

This post would not have been possible without the inspiration of mankamundo and the conversation that followed after posting this image from this post to flickr.

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I watched them pack or Seasons Greetings!

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil -

I watched them pack sunflowers
I watched them pack autumn leaves
I watched them pack orange berries
amidst stems and wreaths

I watched them count
I watched them punch it in
I watched them count
I watched them pack

it in…

to oversize black garbage bags,

Autumns last breeze.

It will not compost
As it is mostly plastic

Nor be loved
or be seen for a million years
lest humans dig it up
in search of yesteryear.

I see things everyday not unlike you.
I do things everyday not unlike you.
Some of these things deeply concern me.

At 80% off they didn’t sell


I moved Christmas into it’s place.

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