This can’t make you pregnant

I made a treasury list. Well the Basic Penis drawing made a Treasury West List on Etsy. It is the little penis drawing on the bottom left corner just left of the Dinky Finger Puppets below.

This can't make me pregnant

How cool!

Thanks soapyho for making me laugh and adding me to the list.

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5 thoughts on “This can’t make you pregnant

  1. Thanks heidi.

    I had a tough decision to make. the first decision was, whether or not to warn people that they might see a penis if they clicked a certain link or image. Hence the post 18 plus. That image is one I created for an etsy listing.

    Then I thunk on it more after posting said listing.

    Do dee doo doo
    do dee doo

    And decided not to censor myself as people have the right to choose these days.

    I’m so happy to have made an etsy list though!!!

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