The colour of health and how I forgot to publish this yesterday.

Ever feel the fog lifting? Have you ever witnessed the fog lift in the evening just as the sun is setting? The colours are most awesome; the oranges, scarlets and violets.

A friend said to me today “The fog has lifted for you eh? And yes, I suppose it has.”

This past Thursday I got a clean bill of physical health from my doctor. This is the first time that that has been so in more than a decade. I finished the Paxil taper on the following day, Friday. A little over a week has passed since.

The side effects of tapering have diminished significantly. I have an appointment with a Mental Health Professional this coming Tuesday to take care of any loose ends and brain blips. Other than that I’m all good. It’s all good. Good. Great.

My weight is stable. I’ve lost 26 pounds over this past year. I wear a size 6 to 8 comfortably at 5 foot 5. If I put on 5 pounds I’m considered overweight by the standard BMI charts and that fact is ridiculous.

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9 thoughts on “The colour of health and how I forgot to publish this yesterday.

  1. You must have forgotten again. It is not there now in your above response.

    I once filled out my web address as and ah that lead to no where for about a week on various blogs that I had left comments on.

  2. Good to hear you are doing well. I have never trusted those BMIs they always seemed to ignore body structure.

  3. …they always seemed to ignore body structure.

    and muscle mass. I’ve weighed the same for a few months now however I am getting smaller as muscle weighs more than fat.

    How are you doing Brian?

  4. I’m doing well, busy at work for this week, but otherwise quite good. I still need to get more exercise than I’m actually getting. If it wasn’t for lunch time walks I would be barely getting any at all.

  5. Thanks for the info Mark on your new Blog. Sounds great!

    Brian – glad to hear you are getting out for walks. I couldn’t sit at a computer all day anymore. I did that for 10 years. Custom Picture Framing suits me just fine.

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