Artists Tip #3 – How to hide that unsightly pen line

Artists Tip #3 – How to hide that unsightly pen line

When you’ve drawn a line and it’s bad because you smudged it, drew the line too long, too short, gave aunt Wilma an extra eyeball or twitched from being startled from your rhythm by said aunt Wilma simply give her another eyeball. In other words draw another line or two. Give Aunt Wilma’s third or fourth eye wrinkles if need be. In as worst case scenario tear the eyeball (line) out and paste something in it’s place. Instant multi-media collage.

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5 thoughts on “Artists Tip #3 – How to hide that unsightly pen line”

  1. I have lived with this one. Doing watercolours inevitably something will happen that isn’t what I was looking for. I try to find a way to make it work. It would get expensive and really frustrating otherwise.

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