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On silliness, smiles and the pursuit of happniess

Is it as hard as taking that first step into the unknown or is it as easy as risking everything for something substantial. These nights I find myself pondering questions, seeking answers and challenging myself all in the pursuit happiness.

Deco Bird

I don’t smile anymore when I’m not happy nor will I make small talk when in a fowl mood. Why? Because it’s fake. I believe in honesty. I’m not saying I’ll jump down your throat when you smile and say hello but I may not respond with the same enthusiasm you have per say.

A smile needs to be genuine. A smile needs to be trusted. A smile needs to show your character. When created in truth a smile is pure soul. Nothing less. Nothing more. It is integral that we as human beings become aware of realism.

Don’t you get tired of TV? Of all that shit the politicians smile saying will be better someday. Now I’m laughing. Silly politicians.

Reality is it’s freezing outside here tonight. Reality is exhaustion from working 10 to 12 hour days, seven days a week. Reality is a beloved family member is terribly sick. Reality is keeping in check what is real and throwing away what is not.

Image Title – Deco Bird, ink and marker on acid free paper

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Ever wonder what a tree would look like without leaves on one side. The dieing foliage on this tree faces the other way, giving good reason to believe the grass IS greener on the other side. Or in this behind the seasons look, winter IS colder on the other side.


Winter was created using Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, Micron pens and Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

Size – 8″ by 8″

The original illustration has since sold to an avid art collector in Canada but beautiful archival prints are listed in the shop or each season in both 8×8 inch and 5×5 inch size.

Artist Tip #9 – Where to find the best art supplies – a top five list

Where to find the best art supplies – a top five list

  • 1. DickBlick – one of the largest retailers of art supplies online I am learning. I have yet to buy from them but will be soon as I can’t find what I need locally.
  • 2. Your local flea market – great for found art objects, oddities and even inspiration
  • 3. Michael’s– Yikes! I let the cat out of the bag…
  • 4. Loomis Art Store – OH HOW I MISS YOU! This is where I shopped when I lived in Vancouver.
  • 5. Trade amongst your artist friends – I did a pen trade though mail with Shane Vorhaben (Illustrator Extraordinaire!) We each mailed pens to each other we could not buy where we lived.
  • Next Week’s Tip – Why you should comment on art blogs

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    An update on the metallic taste in my mouth

    It has since returned ever so slowly until peaking this evening at work.

    The day it disappeared I had gargled with listerine and then switched to using another toothpaste the following day. I’m beginning to suspect it isn’t the toothpaste at all but something else.

    Most of December I suffered from very bad headaches between my eyes. They went away but were replaced with this awful metallic soapy taste in my mouth. I wonder if the two symptoms are associated.

    I googled heavy metal poisoning. I think I may have found the culprit. I must make an appointment to see a dentist or my doctor to get blood tests done. I can’t even breath in without it tasting like I’m breathing in refreshing metallic flavored air. And I do have mercury based fillings in my mouth from years ago.

    I am growing tired and I don’t have health insurance to have fillings removed and replaced with a safer alternative.

    I find their list of symptoms somewhat disturbing. They make me wonder if I was ever fucked up to begin with, with anxiety or just poisoned with environmental contaminants.

    Could it be a copper imbalance?

    Have any of you ever had a soapy metallic taste in your mouth? And if you did what did you do to get rid of it please?

    It tasted like chewing on pennies and soap

    …prior to five days ago.

    I suffered unknowingly for close to four weeks
    with this awful metallic soapy taste
    in my mouth.
    No amount of salt could dilute
    this abstergent awful pungent state.

    I was not ingesting antibiotics
    nor was I crunching copper crumbs at breakfast.
    As quickly as the onset of this malady hit, it’s remedy
    quickly brushed


    Sadly, four weeks ago I had purchased a tube of toothpaste

    as the one before it
    had run out.
    Being non brand loyal
    I switched and had chose another.

    This Tuesday
    I bought another brand of toothepaste.
    That night my mouth turned saline!
    NORMALCY ensued.

    Beware people of new and improved
    for it may be bad and caustic.
    Conglomerates are inventing concoctions;
    new whitening sensations
    to feed our consuming nation.

    White is not all that great
    if it comes at the price of homemade chicken stew
    tasting akin to poultry conditioning shampoo.


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