It tasted like chewing on pennies and soap

…prior to five days ago.

I suffered unknowingly for close to four weeks
with this awful metallic soapy taste
in my mouth.
No amount of salt could dilute
this abstergent awful pungent state.

I was not ingesting antibiotics
nor was I crunching copper crumbs at breakfast.
As quickly as the onset of this malady hit, it’s remedy
quickly brushed


Sadly, four weeks ago I had purchased a tube of toothpaste

as the one before it
had run out.
Being non brand loyal
I switched and had chose another.

This Tuesday
I bought another brand of toothepaste.
That night my mouth turned saline!
NORMALCY ensued.

Beware people of new and improved
for it may be bad and caustic.
Conglomerates are inventing concoctions;
new whitening sensations
to feed our consuming nation.

White is not all that great
if it comes at the price of homemade chicken stew
tasting akin to poultry conditioning shampoo.


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6 thoughts on “It tasted like chewing on pennies and soap”

  1. Yucky…. Glad you figured out what was causing the problem. I’m not all that brand loyal either but try to stay with types I have had before. It seems safer.

  2. Damn Dee. So what are you brushing with now?

    I did read the ingredients of Tom’s and noticed sodium laurel sulfate and xylitol. My mouth doesn’t taste as bad as what it did when I was brushing with Colgate. It was awful! My mouth was grossly sudsy. and now to find out colgate bought Tom’s…

    I had thought it may have been the flouride so I bought a flouride free version of Tom’s. There is no choice here for toothpaste. This is when I miss Commercial Drive in Vancouver. But I do have the internet and maybe can source out an all natural toothpaste that way.

    I am reacting pretty badly lately to chemicals. I can’t even locate a chewing gum that does not have aspartame in it sadly. I don’t chew gum anymore as it was giving me migraines.

    Ah Dee, I miss you to.


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