An update on the metallic taste in my mouth

It has since returned ever so slowly until peaking this evening at work.

The day it disappeared I had gargled with listerine and then switched to using another toothpaste the following day. I’m beginning to suspect it isn’t the toothpaste at all but something else.

Most of December I suffered from very bad headaches between my eyes. They went away but were replaced with this awful metallic soapy taste in my mouth. I wonder if the two symptoms are associated.

I googled heavy metal poisoning. I think I may have found the culprit. I must make an appointment to see a dentist or my doctor to get blood tests done. I can’t even breath in without it tasting like I’m breathing in refreshing metallic flavored air. And I do have mercury based fillings in my mouth from years ago.

I am growing tired and I don’t have health insurance to have fillings removed and replaced with a safer alternative.

I find their list of symptoms somewhat disturbing. They make me wonder if I was ever fucked up to begin with, with anxiety or just poisoned with environmental contaminants.

Could it be a copper imbalance?

Have any of you ever had a soapy metallic taste in your mouth? And if you did what did you do to get rid of it please?

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18 thoughts on “An update on the metallic taste in my mouth”

  1. my boyfriend had the same taste in his mouth, and it turned out it one of his teeth were abses (spelling), where it was pretty much rotting in his mouth. The ‘poison’ leaks out into your mouth and is not healthy for you at all, make sure to get that checked asap!!!

  2. Thanks for the info LoveMeKnot. Over the last couple of days the taste is diminishing however I’ll be making a dentist appointment when I’m payed next.

  3. Metal taste……Fell upon your blog when searching for answers to the metal taste on my tongue or mouth(They say it is not the tongue but who are /they\ ???
    Anyways, This appeared after changing toothpastes- Sensodyne-completely colored white tube . So yesterday I took a dry clean facecloth and rubbed my tongue with the side that is rough-
    every which way possible-once in the morning and then again at night(without throwing up). And then changed back to my regular toothpaste -Sensodyne -royal bleu logo -also brushed my tongue with it and rinsed with citrus liste rine…Well – this morning I got up and no more metal taste…!!!!!!!!!
    I so happy this gone – I cook alot for my family so I taste alot and this was
    f====== up my taste….
    Hope this may help you.. Laurinda

  4. Laurinda F – thank you so much for the insight you provided here. I actually spent the day in the hospital yesterday going through a battery of tests. My teeth are fine. My urine is fine. No blood tests though. However, the metallic could be linked to my IUD. I could be copper toxic and/or having a reaction from one of the many metals I work with at work. I am currently on anti-biotics as a bacterial infection was detected elsewhere in my system.

    I’ve begun using an all organic based toothpaste that comes in little shavings. It’s awesome. I’ll be creating a post about it soon.

    Very nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to the day when food taste awesome again. :):)

  5. Hey,
    I fell upon your post while looking for the reason for me and my girlfriend having this god-awefull ink taste in our mouths everytime we eat. I’d had it before (5 years ago ?) for a good few weeks (*everything* tastes of ink !) and could only trace it back to a weird looking curry ! haha.
    I believe it has something to do with saliva coz if i stay long enough without eating it seems to go. But I. AM. HUNGRY !!!!
    So i’m guessing we ate something weird (sandwhiches with well cooked pork and tomatoes and cheese and wasabi (hmmm!) was the last thing we ate before the !!!TRAGEDY!!! started…) but what could cause that ?!
    Any clues would be well handy (oh yeah, i have no fillings… so no point looking there…) i have the MUNCHIES ! Big time !
    A tasteful hypercondriac

  6. Hi OnFlow

    Hope you and your GF are finding relief from what ails you with the ink taste. And please don’t stop eating… food is a good thing :)

  7. Funny… I didn’t think to search the internet for the causes of my metallic taste in my mouth until after I identified the source. It was my Sensodyne toothpaste. I bought it because of the cool new metal dispenser but turns out to have been poisoning me the hole time. I also notice that the stores seam to have stopped carrying the new container by me.

    Just thought everyone should know.

  8. Thank God I’m not CRAZY!! I was surprised to find so many people on the internet with the same symptoms,
    I woke up this morning with a soapy taste in my mouth. Nothing new,
    same toothpaste for years (ultrabrite) I brushed my teeth, gargled with mouthwash (listerine), chewed gum, all with no relief! I have been drinking a little tap water, nothing new or different to make my coffee and tea. Has anyone found a cause, or cure? I hope this goes away real soon, it’s so yukky!

  9. Hi Noone,
    Glad I came across your post!! I have been using Sensodyne for years.
    First the clear container with the pink label…no problems. They stopped
    making that so I bought the foamy one in the metal dispenser, no
    problems. Last week I bought one (a bit cheaper too) called Pro Enamel,
    white tube blue lettering. This past week I have had a horrible metal
    taste in my mouth all the time!!!. Just this morning it occurred to me
    that it could be the toothpaste!! Stopped using it and brushed with baking soda followed by Listerine. I still have the metal taste…how long did it
    take for yours to go away???
    Many thanks!!!

  10. Try looking into heavy metal toxins or murcury poisoning from you fillings, as well as other metal buildup such as aluminum from deoderants, filling the car with gasoline, etc. One book might be helpful…. Dental Murcury Detox by Michael Ziff, D.D. S.

  11. I used to have these symptoms, metallic taste in the mouth. Super sore in the mornings, eye headaches and a foggy head all day.

    Eventually I got a hair analysis test through Mercury poisoning was the culprit. It took a good 9 months to detox and re-nourish.

    I am writing a book about my experiences, researching through the internet that’s how I found your blog tonight. Lots of people are having these kinds of symptoms.

    God bless,

    – Eleanor

  12. I had the bad taste in my mouth for ages and it turned out to be pine nuts which can give a vile taste and you have to stop eating them.  Recently the taste returned but I had bought a very cheap toothpaste so now I’ve stopped using that and the nasty taste is going.  I also have sinus problems which doesn’t help.  However, I would highly recommend that if you are eating ANYTHING that has pine nuts as an ingredient you stop it and your taste will go away.

  13. Hi, I just had an IUD put in and found I have a metallic taste as well. Did you ever find out if the IUD was related to the taste?

  14. Hi, I noticed a few months ago I strong metallic taste in my mouth like my throat was bleeding. I also noticed it only seemed to happen when I was on the train going past 3 certain stops, I meant to ask my doctor but totally forgot as I didn’t travel that way for a while. Until I got that train the other day and through the same 3 stops I had the bloody taste! Don’t know why, I think it’d something in the air in that area….

  15. I have had this also . My tongue even has a scorched feeling. Can’t eat but a few bites. Horrible. I’m 60 yrs old so of course my fillings are old. My dentist said bad filling causing this had never been proven. I take a lot of meds but nothing is different. I’m doing nothing different. I wonder about black mold? Help! Can’t even drink coffee.

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