Artist Tip #17 – Did you mix enough of that color?

Did you mix enough of that color?

As the years progress I’ve learned only one thing when mixing custom colour in any medium regardless of project size and that is this, to always mix more paint than you think you will need. ALWAYS!

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8 thoughts on “Artist Tip #17 – Did you mix enough of that color?

  1. I know Cecelia! Seems whenever I mix paint I do try to mix enough, even more than what I think I will need and in the end I’m still struggling to fill that last little quarter sized corner of canvass with that reddened hue of orange using a very dry paintbrush. LOL!

  2. Ha! I can relate. I’ve been trapped a couple of times. The beauty about mixing too much is you can use some of that extra and mix it with something else, thus inviting you to start a new piece… and so forth :-)

  3. Yes, I have certainly learned that one as well! My problem is that I don’t want to waste paint either.

  4. wagonized – It’s time I begin some new pieces or maybe finish the ones I’ve started. Yes, using the existing mix is cool because you can carry that tint throughout your painting by continually adding color to it while you progress.

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