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Sexy Red Toes or Wiggle Those Toes!

Original ink drawing painted with watercolor. I added the beige sand colored background digitally using photoshop.

The weather is warming although the evenings are still dipping down into the single digits. Last night it went down to 4˚C. Not to Spring like at all.

This image is available as an archival print in my shop.


And the winner is…

BunnyB from Malaysia!

Last night I enlisted the help of my Dad. I asked him to pick a number from 1 to 28. He replied “17”. And BunnyB was the seventeenth commenter on the Monday Art GIVEaway.

Congrats BunnyB and thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll be dropping your print in the mail tomorrow morning. Let me know when it arrives as this is a first; that is, sending art to Malaysia.

I’ll be giving away some art again soon… keep on reading.

Milton the Fish

He’s cute eh!

I created prints of Milton. They look identical to the original and are available in three different sizes for in my shop. He’s one of my best sellers!

Milton the Fish

I took a chance and submitted Milton to a flick group called Cutable. This was the first creation I submitted to that group. He made the front page of the Cutable Blog the following morning.

This original was drawn with india ink, lightfast colored pencil and painted with Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Cold press arches watercolor paper.

New HARD drive and Good Bye

My 2004 Titanium G4 laptop is not feeling so well. It’s very sick spitting up and quitting programs daily. Two weeks ago I bought a new back-up Lacie USB2 500GB external hard drive (left) to assist the 2004 Lacie firewire 80GB external hard drive (right) and the hundreds of CD’s I have burned as it has only 1.36GB left on it to store digital files on.

New Hard Drive

To put it plainly one of my little 2.5 by 3.5 inch miniatures scanned at 800dpi is 30MB to 45MB in size. Add to that number the a working file of 40MB to 50MB plus the web, print and pdf files for each scan. Burning CD’s as back-up is futile! And I do not own a DVD burner.

I do not store much music; perhaps 6GB at most. As I begin the daunting but enjoyable task of scanning and creating ready-to-print files of my original artwork the firewire drive has all but filled up. And my 60GB computer filled up quickly to.

And I know what happens when you do not back-up your files. In 2001 I lost (no my ex-husband lost) one full year’s worth of design and illustration freelance work while he was re-formatting the drive of MY computer. I will never never never never never let that happen again nor will I ever ever ever let anyone other than myself touch my computer.

This is how I make my living people. It costs money to buy these things. And when you lose a year’s worth of work in the blink of an eye… I had to decide quickly whether to buy the newest version of OSX as I still work on OSX10.9 (Panther) or buy a hard drive. The hard drive won of course. :)

Today, I begin the scary task of wiping clean then re-installing the operating system and software for my laptop. I am keeping it clean this time; the Adobe CS package and Firefox. I haven’t reformatted in two years and when I did it then, my laptop cried in exhaltation and the software was happy working toegther side by side co-existing and multi-tasking. I’m tired of photoshop quitting mid-color correction, inDesign freezing, files disappearing as though they were never created and firefox mixing things up. Worst of all I’ve been getting this little sheer multi-lingual black screen pop-up saying shut your computer down now all the while the screen slowly fading from the top right corner inwards, spreading grey, grey… lightening white.

So I’m shutting my computer down NOW. All the back-up and praying I can do is done. Wish me luck. Hope to see you later this evening.

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Monday Art GIVEaway!

Comments are now closed. I will announce the winner tomorrow evening. Thanks all for entering.

It’s Monday and it’s time to give another piece of art away to you.

Last time I gave away 2 censored mintaures.

The Four Seasons

The rules are simple

Leave your name, blog address (if you have one), and email (which I will not share) and comment on this post once only please. Next Monday I will randomly draw one name from the comments and mail you The Four Seasons.

About the Four Seasons

This is one 8×8 inch (203mm by 203mm) print containing all Four Seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It is printed with Vivera inks on heavy 170gm2 matte paper. It will last for generations to come. The originals were created using Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, Micron pens and Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

The Four Seasons is signed, dated and titled on the back in pencil and will arrive with a small certificate of authenticity. You can see a larger version of each season by clicking on their respective names.

What if I WIN? :)

On that note, if you win I will contact you by the secret email you left here. I will need you to email me back with your accurate physical mailing address that will never be shared. I will ship worldwide for free! I’ll announce the winner publicly next Monday.

… and What if I Don’t Win? :(

And if you don’t win the print, it is available for purchase in my Art shop. Each season is also available as an individual 8×8 inch print.

Thank you!

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The hopping aftermath

I ate. I walked. I talked. I looked. I was inspired.

The green chair

Saint John Arts Centre

Me on Germain Street

More reecycles

An antique lamp

There were perhaps a thousand people who partook the hop. I found myself enjoying the walk and talk of all things art with my friend Brian as much as being inside the overcrowded galleries. It was a challenge people to stand back from afar and view artwork hung on walls or that stood freestanding centrally within.

You can view all the pics from Friday night here.

Much of the shots are not of art but of buildings as truthfully there wasn’t any room to take pics inside the galleries. I love the architecture of this city anyways. I can’t wait to own my own home uptown.

I dream… and dreams do come true one step at a time.

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Gallery HOP tomorrow night!

Every season Saint John, New Brunswick has a gallery hop where you get to mingle with the artists and the public alike. I attended one here about 6 years ago before I left and moved West. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow night. Thanks Brian for the info and invite to go:). Supper and art… what can be better than that!

Here is the line up of galleries participating in the hop. Hope to see YOU there.


    4 pm-6 pm
    Millennium Artplace, Saint John Free Public Library, One Market Square.
    (506) 643-7220.
    4 pm-8 pm
    •New Brunswick Museum, One Market Square. (506) 643-2300.
    5 pm-8 pm
    •Citadel Gallery, 162 Charlotte Street. (506) 642-9004.
    5:30-7:30 pm
    •Klausen Gallery, New Location! 106 Prince William Street. (506) 693-9976.
    •Trinity Galleries, 128 Germain Street. (506) 634-1611.
    6 pm-8 pm
    •City of Saint John Gallery, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 649-6040.
    •Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 633-4870.
    7 pm-11 pm
    •Handworks Gallery, 12 King Street. (506) 652-9787.
    •Peter Buckland Gallery, 80 prince William Street. (506) 693-9721.
    •Tim Isaac Art and Antiques, 97 Prince William Street. (506) 652-3222.
    •Third Space Gallery, 42 Princess Street. (506) 693-5839

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Artist Tip #20 – How to Draw a Miniature in 5 EASY Steps

How to Draw a Miniature in 5 EASY Steps

  1. Cut a piece of paper no larger than half the size of the palm of your hand
  2. Grab your smallest tipped paintbrush, nibbed pen or sharpen that pencil tip to a very fine point
  3. Make sure your eyes are never further than 8 inches away from that piece of paper at all times
  4. Begin creating NOW
  5. Use a magnifying glass if necessary

Last Tip – Fighting for the right to be an artist