Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine

Created on a lime light yellow rounded corner acid free card stock. I drew on this stock with professional Pilot Pens. Good Morning Sunshine is dated, titled and signed on the back in pencil. This is an original and not a print.

Yes, it is an ACEO. An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. This little guy greeting the new day is available in my art shop.

Size – 3.5 by 2.5 inches

The original illustration has since sold. However, Good Morning Sunshine is available in a Limited Edition run of 25 only.

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine!

  1. When I saw this awesome piece of artwork, Jessica, I couldn’t help but think of Was (Not Was)’s Earth To Doris:

    In the morning she looked like a horse
    Smoking little cigars
    Playing these tapes of her husband
    She says “Doesn’t he sound like Elvis?”
    She makes champagne out of 7-Up and cheap wine
    Like a chemist
    Next to one of those insect electric chairs
    Her skin gleaming blue everytime a fly died
    I read in the funnies, I laughed anyway
    “Someting’s burning somewhere” I said
    “Yeah, it’s us” she says
    “You both want coffee?” the waitress says
    Yes, two, two coffees
    That’s perfect on this cold, dim, flourescent morning
    And a couple of those donuts over there, right Doris?
    Right Doris?

  2. I tried to post something earlier on your blog and I got some sort of error message. This is a test, you don’t have to post it. I just want to see if I get that error message again.

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