Monday HA ha – Worms Good Here?

Worms good here?

Usually have a piece of large paper or mat board that get used as a tester for color or to get my pen working during a moment of angst when it is not flowing, and even to draw upon when the drawing you are drawing sucks!

As is the case…

I began singing this song in my head after accidentally turning both a perfectly happy fish and birdie into sad and frustrated looking creatures by messing toooooo much with their eyes…

No one loves me
Everybody hates me
Going to the garden to eat worms
Big fat juicy ones
Small skinny slimy ones…

And we all know what happens when we mess with to much with EYEballs!


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7 thoughts on “Monday HA ha – Worms Good Here?”

  1. I usually play on the odd side of my sketch book to get things working.

    I know about eyes… hard to do right, reason why I work them out in pencil away from my drawings first. I don’t trust myself to do a good job first time through.

  2. Brian – eyes are tricky. I find myself drawing little creatures that appear constipated. I still remain steadfast not to put pencil to paper first and go right at it with pen hoping for the best. Worse comes to worse I paint over the bad eye with acrylic and turn it into a multi-media piece. 😉

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