Growing Beautiful in the Garden of Eden

Drawn with professional Pilot pens and painted with Windsor and Newton Watercolor on very thick acid free textured cream colored stock. It is an ACEO which stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals.

Size – 2.5 by 3.5 inches

Update – The original has sold. Prints are available in 5×7 inch and ACEO mini print size in my art shop.

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10 thoughts on “Growing Beautiful in the Garden of Eden”

  1. This would work really well as a textile design, or embroidery – heavy crewel stitches on calico. There’s a lot of texture in it anyway, and I had to do a double take to see whether it was actually embroidery (the red chain stitched, the sepia spirals freehand machine) or drawn.

  2. So glad you said what aceo stands for..I never knew and didn’t know what people were talking about..You did a beautiful the colors.

  3. tanaudel – Wow… thank you for the ideas. You are the second or third person to say my art would trnasfer well into fabric art. While in college long long ago I actually did study Surface design along with graphic design. I ran my own fabric painting business with another woman for two years until we each decided to pursue other interests.

    I somtimes miss painting silk and screenprinting fabric or lino block printing it… someday perhaps i’ll re-visit those interests.

    Nice to meet you :)

  4. AndrewS – Glad it has depth… sometimes when drawing small that is not always possible. I had fun playing with the colors in this one. Cheers!

  5. ctmott – Yes, ACEO. Got a love them. I love the format they provide. They are identical in size to a hockey or Magic trading card and can be created out of any medium as long as they measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches.


  6. Wow Jessica, that is really awesome. It certainly does possess a lot of dimensionally challenging aspects – it jumps out of the screen. Most impressive.

    Heh, you mentioned Magic trading cards. *giggles*

  7. Scott – My ex was heavily into Magic cards. He had thousands of them. i’m very familiar with them… maybe more so than I’d like to be. Haha!

  8. I wont mention how many of them that I have, nor the themed wall art, or the array of books, memorabilia, or even the themed chocolate bar that I have in my collection….

    Nope, not going to mention them.

    Oh hell, just realized that I still have a post I still owe you from when you tagged me a bit back.

    Please don’t think any less of me for the Magic cards đŸ˜‰

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