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We Fourish and Reproduce

…but first we grow.

We Flourish

We Flourish (above) made the front page of Etsy last week. Thank you LillyYella. I think We Grow did at one point to. All three originals in this series that are named We are on exhibit at the Klausen Gallery in Uptown Saint John. I created prints of them in three sizes; ACEO mini print, 5×7 inch and in 8.5×11 inch size. Each are available in my shop.

We Reproduce

It’s exciting to make the front page of Etsy. I will not lie… the exposure is great. I can’t even sit down at my computer when it happens. I need to run outside and breath. Haha! And sadly there is a huge backlash of angry Etsy sellers in the forums lately who hate the fact that some sellers do indeed make the front page. Truth be told, I went months without making the front page and felt sad about it yes, yet I knew the reason is very simple for not making the front page…

Work hard creating unique art in whatever form of creation that is, scan, photograph and get it to the best it can look. And you must love what you do and I can’t repeat that enough… Love what you do and take the risk of putting yourself out there.

After this post I am working on my wholesale site. Yes, it’s been a secret up ’til now. I can be found on Trunkt. Come on over and say hi!

Bye :)

It happened out of the blue

Anyone who sells on Etsy and has posted within the promotions section of that site’s forum also knows that within 23 seconds flat your promo post will be 6 pages deep within that section.

If you are lucky, someone else will post an item related to your item and your thread will be bumped to the top of page one again and so on and so forth to that special five post long page one visible from the homepage of the Etsy forums.

Tonight, I met babybaubbles and novelartanddesign along with a few other stray avatars. Together, we created a story and Jerry was the star of the event!

Be sure to click every link and read every line. I guarantee you will laugh out loud at least once!

Before tonight I had never spoken to either of these sellers. Novelartanddesign I had known of but had not formally been introduced to.

I love you guys!

And the winners of the 3 print packs are…

First Prize – Tressa
Second Prize – Jean Young
Third Prize – LoveMeKnot Creations

Rather than tearing up little pieces of paper like I’ve done in the past or asking a family member to pick a number between such and such I traveled to and had them pick three random numbers between 1 and 44 as that was how many comments there was.

I’ll be packaging your print packs tonight and mailing them off to you tomorrow. Thank you everyone for entering and leaving wonderful comments for me to read. It was nice to have you around to celebrate my 500th blog post.

Cheers all!

Until now it hasn’t made sense

Does it make sense to you?
That knowing that on the other end of the computer
is another person
sitting, typing, talking, listening, reading.
Have you ever stopped to think about it?
think about it?

Everyday I speak with people who live physically intangible distances from me.
they are right there punching keys…. laughing, promoting, writing,
biding there time

Each week I am contacted by students;
students of art.
Each week I am contacted by people
who want this artwork.
As it gets “out” there… it becomes more visible…

I really don’t know what I’m doing.

There is no guide book here you know?

Are you there?
Really there?

Reading this?

Christmas in July

I am partaking in a one day only Christmas in July Sale with other talented folks at Etsy. Little Black Boxes has the complete list of participating shops.

Hope to see you in my shop!

Beginning NOW at 12:00AM EST Saturday Morning ALL orders of $20 or more before shipping will receive a free ACEO mini print that is signed, titled and dated. Also within the “Christmas in July” section many original miniatures have been reduced to clear for today only.

Thank you

In the Beginnings of Busyness and Exhibits

Pivot Gallery and Boutique Selection

When it rains it storms so they say. It seems all at once I had run out of packaging cardboard and perhaps that is why my sales slowed this week. I believe you emit those things via energy fields to the world. I am now prepared again. Bring it on Baby! I salvage excess clean cardboard from local businesses and cut it down to the four standard sizes I need for packaging orders.

Cardboard Cutting

I filled two large orders this week, one of which is 24 originals for matting, framing and exhibit at the Klausen Gallery which will be for sale during the City’s next Gallery Hop on August 8th, 2008. The Klausen Gallery is located at 106 Prince William Street in Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. I had attended the last gallery hop and not in my wildest dreams did I think my art would be included in next hop.

Jorgen Klausen is the owner and he is one brilliant photographer.

I was also contacted by OrangeWillow about sending reproductions on consignment down to the Pivot Gallery and Boutique in Kentucky that she owns and operates. You can follow the developing story here on her blog. I shipped 18 reproductions out on Wednesday to her.

Klausen Gallery Art 02

This is exciting for me. The first two, of hopefully many more gallery contacts.

I may have been creating art since the age of four however it’s only in the last few years that I’ve begun to be recognized for it. I am a beginner at best when it comes to galleries and selling my art. I am learning and doing the best I can as a I go.

Klausen Gallery Art 01

Image Credits
• 1. Print selection sent to Pivot
• 2. Cutting cardboard on my deck
• 3. Miniatures originals with certificates to the Klausen Gallery.
• 4. Four larger originals with certificates to Klausen.

I was in a four car pile up

…and survived along with everyone else involved including two babies. The worst injury is a bad case of whiplash.

Word of advice…

Always keep an eye out for drivers who are cutting up the shoulder of the road passing on the right of traffic going in the same direction as they are in one lane of traffic if you are turning left into that one lane of traffic while traffic is stopped at a red light and a big blue truck is letting you go through onto the street you are turning into because traffic is stopped.

I feel very sad and still shook up. The driver avoided me sideswiping the back end of my car turning into where I had turned out of while turning left and smushed into one vehicle that in turn hit the vehicle in front of it then the screaming began about babies in a car and I was numb. I went to get out… And a woman ran over to me and asked if I was OK and I replied yes. She said don’t get out. He is irate. It happened so fast. I didn’t see him. There was a big blue truck stopped at the crosswalk letting me go though. I am only two blocks away from home. This isn’t real. The lady called the police. The lady asked if I needed to call anyone. I couldn’t remember. She dialed the number for me. I left a message with my family.

I don’t chew gum… I don’t smoke… and I don’t own a cell phone to even use while I am driving. The radio is always off. All I do is drive. My brother witnessed a woman thrown from her motorbike… killed instantly at the same intersection. A friend of mine had her whole left leg crushed under the weight of a transport truck at the SAME intersection while crossing the crosswalk.

I didn’t see him. OMG. I caused that womans babies to be hurt. Oh. so much noise. Sirens. Police. Ambulances. People don’t care except for the woman standing beside me out the window. Cars are driving away before the police even get here. They don’t care. It’s rush hour and it’s mad!

The tears start.

Drivers always wave for you to go through there you know. EVERY TIME that light is red they always leave room for others to turn left into the neighborhood. It’s been that way for umpteem years. BUT as you turn left you do so v.e.r.y… cautiously as so many drivers cut up that right hand shoulder to make it past the neighborhood entrance to where the the lane widens into two. He was driving so fast. That big damn silver grey blue giant dump truck was in the way. I couldn’t see the pick-up truck coming right at me. The big blue truck left the scene.

The cop comes over. Are you ok? Yes. Can you move your vehicle? Yes. I drive into the adjacent elementary school. Why aren’t the cops taking me away. I caused the accident. I see my mom running down the road. I laugh thinking she had run the whole way here from wherever she was as I hadn’t seen the truck she drove. I can’t stop crying. So much noise. OMG… they are taking passengers away. OH… no. Dad and my brother arrive… we heard it on the news! I caused the accident by turning left.

…there is only one lane there Jessica, Dad says.

Dead.Silence.Overtakes.Me for the second time. In all the seventeen years I’ve been driving I imagined there were two lanes there and always edged out ever so cautiously because of that to make that left hand turn as I’ve almost been hit too many times to count.

It is one lane.

I got hit.

It is not my fault. I feel sad. He avoided me and turned hitting two other stopped vehicles. I try not to think about what would have happened if he had not turned.

… why do I see headlights in my right peripheral vision…