I was in a four car pile up

…and survived along with everyone else involved including two babies. The worst injury is a bad case of whiplash.

Word of advice…

Always keep an eye out for drivers who are cutting up the shoulder of the road passing on the right of traffic going in the same direction as they are in one lane of traffic if you are turning left into that one lane of traffic while traffic is stopped at a red light and a big blue truck is letting you go through onto the street you are turning into because traffic is stopped.

I feel very sad and still shook up. The driver avoided me sideswiping the back end of my car turning into where I had turned out of while turning left and smushed into one vehicle that in turn hit the vehicle in front of it then the screaming began about babies in a car and I was numb. I went to get out… And a woman ran over to me and asked if I was OK and I replied yes. She said don’t get out. He is irate. It happened so fast. I didn’t see him. There was a big blue truck stopped at the crosswalk letting me go though. I am only two blocks away from home. This isn’t real. The lady called the police. The lady asked if I needed to call anyone. I couldn’t remember. She dialed the number for me. I left a message with my family.

I don’t chew gum… I don’t smoke… and I don’t own a cell phone to even use while I am driving. The radio is always off. All I do is drive. My brother witnessed a woman thrown from her motorbike… killed instantly at the same intersection. A friend of mine had her whole left leg crushed under the weight of a transport truck at the SAME intersection while crossing the crosswalk.

I didn’t see him. OMG. I caused that womans babies to be hurt. Oh. so much noise. Sirens. Police. Ambulances. People don’t care except for the woman standing beside me out the window. Cars are driving away before the police even get here. They don’t care. It’s rush hour and it’s mad!

The tears start.

Drivers always wave for you to go through there you know. EVERY TIME that light is red they always leave room for others to turn left into the neighborhood. It’s been that way for umpteem years. BUT as you turn left you do so v.e.r.y… cautiously as so many drivers cut up that right hand shoulder to make it past the neighborhood entrance to where the the lane widens into two. He was driving so fast. That big damn silver grey blue giant dump truck was in the way. I couldn’t see the pick-up truck coming right at me. The big blue truck left the scene.

The cop comes over. Are you ok? Yes. Can you move your vehicle? Yes. I drive into the adjacent elementary school. Why aren’t the cops taking me away. I caused the accident. I see my mom running down the road. I laugh thinking she had run the whole way here from wherever she was as I hadn’t seen the truck she drove. I can’t stop crying. So much noise. OMG… they are taking passengers away. OH… no. Dad and my brother arrive… we heard it on the news! I caused the accident by turning left.

…there is only one lane there Jessica, Dad says.

Dead.Silence.Overtakes.Me for the second time. In all the seventeen years I’ve been driving I imagined there were two lanes there and always edged out ever so cautiously because of that to make that left hand turn as I’ve almost been hit too many times to count.

It is one lane.

I got hit.

It is not my fault. I feel sad. He avoided me and turned hitting two other stopped vehicles. I try not to think about what would have happened if he had not turned.

… why do I see headlights in my right peripheral vision…

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9 thoughts on “I was in a four car pile up

  1. Hey Jess,
    I hope you feel better.
    Just remember that you are alright and that’s all that matters.

    I’ve been in one major accident before and I was really mad because it wasn’t my fault. But I was safe.

    Take care.

  2. Thank goodness you’re okay. Vehicle accidents shake you right to the core, and are so life-altering, but at least you are okay and everyone else is alright. Take care.

  3. Thanks you guys. I am ok. I had begun cycling thoughts in my head and it was becoming bothersome. This just happened on Monday.

    The only way i know how to break a train of thought is to draw it out or write it out and let it go.

    And yes, I am very grateful to be in one piece :)

  4. I just read this… Are you ok? It late so I won’t call you like I felt like doing immediately. I’m really glad to hear that physically you’re fine. And yeah that kind of thing would/does mentally shake you up, and it does take longer to heal from. If you need to talk give me a yell, I certain plan on calling you soon.

  5. Thanks Brian… I’m ok. Mentally I’m doing better than I was last night and the night that it had happened. I have a lot of good news to offset the bad news so I’m focusing on it… or at least trying to.

    I have yet to post the good news as things seem to be happening so RAPIDLY that it is all I can do to keep up. Does that make sense? I hope the money begins flowing as the good news develops…

    Call anytime before 10PM as that usually is ok. The rest of the fam is early is to bed and early to rise. I am an anomolie amongst them Haha!



  6. Hey, glad everyone was ok and that you can be relieved to know it was not your fault. The growing impatience of our species, demonstrated here by the man speeding up the shoulder, will be the death of us all. I’m kinda glad to know it’s not just an American trait. =)

  7. AndrewS… No, I don’t believe it’s just an american trait. gos that made me laugh! haha!We Canadians like to speed to, along with the rest of the world. I think at different times during our lives being excessive seems to be the norm.

    So how do we learn to be patient… simply being in the now excepting that things will progress naturally without us rushing from destination to another. Frustration in waiting in lines is disease of the 20th century created by consumerism. Perhaps as the 21st century grows on us we will regress to less fast times.

    The advent of the internet certainly speeds our bodies down… but what does it do to our minds?

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