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And the winner is…

Katie Lewis of Alberta, Canada!

She chose A little dude flying a multi winged floating boat hauling a big fish out of the salty water which can be seen here in it’s original story of glory!

Thank you everyone who entered and for the lovely comments. Wow!

There was a bit of confusion with people entering on different posts, emailing me their entries and entering after the closing date due to the fact that I had forgotten to close comments this Sunday. You were all entered into the draw just the same :) Normally, I blog, posting more than once per week and the contest post would be pushed down the page a wee bit. Last week I only posted that post… so it stayed up front and center.

Expect another contest sometime next month.


It’s Monday and Time for Another Art Giveaway!

UPDATE – commenting is now closed on this post

Last time I gave away 3 print packs in celebration of my 500th post.

This week you get to choose your prize from an assortment of over fifty $12 and $18 prints. Pick one, leave it’s name and link in your comment and that will be the print you win.

The rules are simple

Go to my Etsy shop and pick out your favorite $12 or $18 print and comment on it here. Leave your name, blog address (if you have one) and email (which I will not share) with your chosen print. Pleas enter only once.

About the Prints

Your print will be signed, dated and titled by me on the back in pencil and arrive with a dated certificate of authenticity.

What if I WIN? :)

On that note, if you win I will contact you by the secret email you left here. Next Sunday at midnight AST I will randomly draw one name from the comments and mail you your chosen print to wherever you live in this beautiful world. I will need you to email me back with your accurate physical mailing address that will never be shared within 48 hours of receiving the winning email notification or I will draw another name. I’ll announce the winner publicly as soon as it is confirmed. Comments will close Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 12:00AM AST.

… and What if I Don’t Win? :(

And if you don’t win, go buy one at my Art shop. 😉

Thank you and Good Luck!!

The Buzz Interview

The Queen Bee aka Tameka contacted me in July for an interview to be published later to her blog. To quote her,

She is one of a few Etsy artists’ whose style is as identifiably her own as the historical works of great artists I’ve been forced to memorize and identify on sight in art history class. Only this time, my grade doesn’t depend on it and I actually like it!

I hope you enjoy reading the interview. You can read it here.

Thank you Tameka for asking me to be interviewed.

Tameka is also a fabulous jeweler and photographer and you can find her creations at PrettyinPeace.

Design This Design That Magazine Feature!

About a month ago I was contacted by Ariadna Ramley of Design This Design That Magazine based out of Mexico for an interview featuring my artwork. The issue is live online now. It looks fantastic and is full of gorgeous artwork from artists world wide!

She interviewed a total of 68 artists for this issue! I am on page 98.

Go Read it!

Thank you Ariadna. I am humbled to be amongst so many talented people.

Fall Tree of the Four Seasons Series

It’s almost that time of year where the apples ripen, the leaves turn yellow, crimson and amber in colour and thus fall to the ground.

Fall Tree is the last in the Four Seasons series to be introduced on my blog. I drew her with Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, Micron pen and painted her with Windsor & Newton watercolour on Arches 100lb watercolour paper. Reproductions are available in 8×8 inch (20,3cm by 20,3cm) size and 5×5 inch (15,2cm by 15,2cm) size.

The other three seasons of Spring, Summer and Winter are pretty to.


Bloody nose or why I was in a fight yesterday…

…with dust.

Upon waking my nose ran away and my eyes cried as I climbed out of bed at 8:30AM and trotted for the bathroom. I grabbed a tissue and began blowing blood. My poor sinuses went through hell yesterday while I was at Value Village; a local second hand chain perusing then trying on clothing.

In the midst of pulling a grey cardigan over my head my eyes swelled, nose began leaking water and my throat began to close. I began sneezing uncontrollably, unable to catch my breath. It was the worst allergy attack I suffered through in a long time. I climbed out of the sweater put my own clothing back on, left the fitting room and handed the culprit to Lisa. We walked to check-out and I paid for that damn sweater because it was the only that fit out of the 20 I tried on. The woman ringing me through told me they allow patrons to bring their pets in! Geebus! It’s not so much dogs and cats that freak me out but dust, chemical detergents, pollens and scents.

Add to that I started my period and was already cramping more than normal. I told Lisa I’ll see you outside as her and Gillian were still shopping and pushed the doors open and prayed I had more kleenex in my purse. The sneezing dissipated as did the whole body shaking while I breathed in fresh air. I knew a simple laundering of that grey sweater would clear up any allergen in it.

They dropped me off at home and I ingested a half of a pink tablet of diphenhydramine-hydrochloride. I felt a bit better but could not breath through my nose and my stomach was bloating something awful.

Over the last 6 weeks I have ingested more allergy meds than I care to count and they are simply not working.

I cooked supper for Lisa and Gillian who were making their way back into town for a birthday party we were attending. We ate, shared a coupe of glasses of wine and I stayed home and went to bed with a hot pack on my belly.

The three of us went for breakfast today then out to their place. They have four dogs. I went absolutely berzerk. I love animals. BUT after a reaction like I had yesterday have to be careful and didn’t have antihistamine with me. They had some and offered me one. A Reactine. I was always leary of taking non-drowsy allergy meds due to the fact that they make me bounce.

I took it on the way out the door when they were driving me home and I CAN BREATH through my nose for the first time in 6 weeks!

I feel like a human being right now. I took it at 2:00PM and it’s going on 9:00PM and I CAN BREATH. My sinuses are open and I almost cried hallelujah an hour ago because I have been feeling shitty for weeks.

Allergies make you feel anxious and scared to do things you would normally do. I think my gut, period, intestines etc have been feeling crappy due to the fact that I was a walking ticking time bomb waiting to explode and boy did it happen at Value Village yesterday.

My new best friend is Reactine.

Photo credit – my new grey sweater on my light grey duvet cover

Amelia (Avocado Edition)

Meet Sunshine’s earthy sister!



Both Sunshine and Avocado made the front page of Etsy. Thank you :)

I created the Amelia series from an original gouache and india ink painting on red paper. I removed the background digitally and coloured her using Adobe Photoshop.

There is one other sister and her name is Blueberry.


The original painting is for sale here. And you can find each Amelia Edition in both 5×5 inch and 8×8 inch size within the prints section of my shop.

Hope you like them!

The Nameless Ones (Series of three paintings)

The Nameless Ones no.1


The Nameless Ones no.2


The Nameless Ones no.3


This series began as acrylic and india ink paintings on 1/4 inch thick board. Each painting measures 6×6 inches, however the prints are 8×8 inches and appear as vibrant as they do on your screen! I enlarged them and they look fantastic! The colours are crisp and bright.


I am keeping the original paintings myself as it is not to often that I keep an original, let alone a set of originals. I usually sell it (them) or give it (them) away. Open Edition Prints are available in the shop.


Thank you! Hope you like them!