Artistic Productivity

What does productivity mean to you? For me it involves a tangible result from effort put forth to create an ending thus setting the stage for a new beginning.

At this moment many endings are in limbo. Decisions are hard to make as I want to do it all at once. I cycle through this feeling on occasion and understand that it will pass as decisions are made but in the meantime it is more than just a little annoying.

I currently house close to 40 or more art pieces in various stages of completion, add to that numerous websites that are craving attention from me; namely flickr and trunkt which have sorely been neglected but are all to important for my survival as an artist working online. Dawanda would be another. Transitioning from one level of productivity to the next means being organized, knowing when to say yes or no, delegating tasks and hiring out when needed.

I hired a bookkeeper. One major decision made. Speadsheets are alien to me. Give me creative software and within a few hours I’m rolling. But using and trying to learn Office or Microsoft related software and I implode! After weeks of messing with Google Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, NeoOffice and even two custom spreadsheet applications that I purchased from two different Etsy sellers I indeed said enough. My time is better spent in creation mode and not in adding numbers up and keeping track of what goes in and what goes out. I loathe bookkeeping and databases.

And on the advice of a friend I facebook again. He wrote saying “Jessica, it is as much a business tool as it is a personal and social tool.” I’m on there. Feel free to Facebook me!. The next endeavor on facebook is to integrate my Twitter to seamlessy update my thoughts from there rather than on facebook itself. Somehow, I have people following me already and I’ve never updated my Twitter since registering for it in late 2006.

When a new site launches always go and register your user name. Even if you don’t use it for a year or more it will be there waiting for you until you can incorporate it into your master plan.


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