And the winner is…

Katie Lewis of Alberta, Canada!

She chose A little dude flying a multi winged floating boat hauling a big fish out of the salty water which can be seen here in it’s original story of glory!

Thank you everyone who entered and for the lovely comments. Wow!

There was a bit of confusion with people entering on different posts, emailing me their entries and entering after the closing date due to the fact that I had forgotten to close comments this Sunday. You were all entered into the draw just the same :) Normally, I blog, posting more than once per week and the contest post would be pushed down the page a wee bit. Last week I only posted that post… so it stayed up front and center.

Expect another contest sometime next month.


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2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I really enjoy the fact that the entries have increased by a great deal since the one earlier this year. Kudos for all the hard work you’ve done, I think it’s reflected in that fact alone.


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