The Rust Chronicles

My friend Candice has a new blog up.


Immediately, you”ll be sucked into her journey and love affair with all things metal, rusted and shiny! Go and read her introductory post In the Beginning.

You can also follow her on Twitter and view her galleries on Flickr.


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5 thoughts on “The Rust Chronicles”

  1. No disrepect to her, but as yet I am not sure I am seeing it… and I think the worse thing about that is that I might be disappointed in myself because I don’t.

  2. Never feel bad about having an opinion Scott. If we all felt the same way the world would only be black and white.

    I like the rust chronicles beacuse it’s hard, steel, rusty and so completely out of my element of floral, pretty, pink and cute.

    The rust chronicles remind of Wagonized Ladies!

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