Fermenting Canadian Ice Wine

I think I miss the point completely on occasion and float away into my own little world forgetting that which exists and already surrounds me. Then I get to thinking about that point and why it has to be tipped and pointy and why is can’t be round, soft and interchangeable with beams of light infused with grape juice.

And then again if beams of light were infused with grape juice they would ferment as they travelled to earth at the speed of light and once here we’d all be drunk on clear burgundy sun drops.

Except here in Canada those infused beams of light would freeze and ice wine would fall from the air.

It’s -28ºC / -18ºF here in Saint John, New Brunswick!

Wooden, 8×8 inch /20,3cm by20,3cm plate distressed and painted by me

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3 thoughts on “Fermenting Canadian Ice Wine

  1. I just thought you might need to know that I am wearing sandals, and needed to turn the air conditioner on today. :) Our weather in January has been madder than usual, from 75F one day to 50F the next.

    Though people like you tend to go mad without winter, right?

  2. Well, perhaps not mad but it feels like Autumn evolves into Spring with no walls, i.e. Winter. Another storm hit tonight and is leaving behind 6 inches of snow, ice and rain. It’ll be another 4 months before I can wear sandals…

    Soak up some warmth for me Candice :)

  3. lol @ ice wine falling from the sky… sign me up!

    I like your sun. It seems that he’s winking at me. He may be hot, but he’s not my type. har har har.

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