Valentine’s Day Remix Edition – Top 10 Love List

Over the years I’ve published numerous posts and artwork related to love, hearts and Valentines along with the broken, sad and less spoken about kind to.

Love is wonderful and giddy

1. Happy Valentine’s Day

Love feels sad yet hopeful

2. For Uma in New York and Rick in Fredericton

Love draws little swirls of joy

3. This flamboyant heart says Happy Valentin’s Day!

Love creates itsy bitsy things

4. Miniature Valentine Greeting Cards

Love brings back memories of ex-husbands

5. Do you love me she says as she grabs his curled foot…

Love is unconditional

6. You just made my day

Love is reassurance

7. And I say gosh darnit people do love me!

Love heals old wounds from decades ago

8. In the walking one finds solace from the haunting past

Love turns seconds into painful days when all you want is relief from sadness

9. December sixteenth in the year two thousand and six

And mostly love just takes you away…

10. Another land another day another dream

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Remix Edition – Top 10 Love List”

  1. On my older blog I used to call myself the emotion creator rather than an artist – haha!

    Happy Valentine’s Heather :)

  2. 3.4.5. were my fav illistrations. i don’t know how you do it, such a unique style. i am so in the mood for pink, hearts, and love!

    happy valentine’s day!

  3. Hearts just make people happy eh? I think we need more of them all year round.

    Happy Valentine’s Day dinah!

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