So I do have a hobby and it’s not art

Many people hold a regular job and create art or craft as their hobby. I am quite the opposite in choosing art as my career and conversely, research both vintage and antique items to sell online as my hobby. Well over a year ago I secretly opened a second shop, OLDisNEW. I sell books, paper, trinkets, collectibles and oddities from years gone by.

I’ve learned that a 1940’s Gillete Rocket Razor has much more value than WWII meat ration tokens as a collector’s item but that the reverse is true when it’s sold as an art supply.

And to quote the OLDisNEW shop announcement:

My family has lived in Eastern Canada for six generations. We have a lot of old things. I hope you find something you like and enjoy it as much as we have!.

Weekly, I’ll be featuring an item from the vintage shop here on the blog to break things up from the routine of posting art.

And soon I’ll be posting garden updates (my second hobby) as Spring continues to progress nicely along in this part of the world… Oh bring it on Baby!

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8 thoughts on “So I do have a hobby and it’s not art

  1. Glad to find your vintage shop! I’m just like you in this way. I am a painter/artist and I have a vintage shop for fun. It is a nice break from art and gets you out of the house and of your head :) Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like a really interesting hobby Jessica!

    I dabbled in collecting old things for years, now that I’m the old thing, I am getting rid of them all and going minimalist, lol

    I share your gardening hobby. When I’m not working on my creating or marketing, I am outside puttering, planting and photographing. Looking forward to your garden updates! I shall be sharing mine on my blog as well. Have fun in the dirt! cheers ruth;D

  3. Jessica, I can’t wait to see your garden photos! There’s just something about having your hands in the warm earth that really energizes me; we are kindred spirits. I browsed through every one of your vintage items-what a great idea!
    Will look forward to seeing more. Enjoy the spring : D

  4. When you started writing about “hobbies” I got nervous for a sec, but then I read your post and all was cool.

    Yeah, how about those meat rations…

  5. Hi Ruth – Looking forward to seeing your updates as well. what part of the world do you live in? We are just beginning to see dandelions pop up here which is a sure sign of Spring’s arrival.

  6. Bev – I love getting my hands dirty, dawning on comfy clothes and digging in the dirt then watching what you plant grow… so beautiful. Cheers!

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