And a wave of sadness washed over me

Between life becoming busy and life seeming mundane, grey and somewhat frustrating I can’t say that I haven’t been feeling sad lately because I have.

Sadness Rant

I’m tired of being single and feeling lonely
I’m tired of people writing and blatantly saying they are going to copy me but as they don’t sell on Etsy; it’s ok.
I’m tired of idiots that are disguised as gentlemen who won’t return a journal that rightfully belongs to me.
I’m tired of this city
I’m tired of not earning enough to own my own place
I’m tired of being so close I can taste it
I’m tired of not understanding Google Analytics


I’m just very tired lately and everything seems to be bothering me.


…and I’m working hard and I’ll be damned if I’ll be down for that long because there are goals to meet this year…

And a wave of sadness washed over me

Size – 8×8 inches / 20,3cm by 20,3cm
Artist Quality Materials used – Faber Castell India Ink, Pilot Silver Gel Ink, Pilot hi tec C pens and Pilot Gtec, C4 pens, Strathmore Flower Petal Paper
And the wave of sadness, well it’s listed for sale

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15 thoughts on “And a wave of sadness washed over me”

  1. Hey, I don’t think very many people really understand Google Analytics…

    You have an inspiring list of goals. Even if you only achieve some of them, you’ll be doing very well.

    Just remember the Mary Tyler Moore theme…

  2. Well….you’re in fabulous company. It’s that time of year for many to feel sad. I’m not sure why spring has that effect of people…or maybe it is the lack of spring getting here when you want it to.
    Anyway, I totally understand…not that it will make you feel better…but maybe your misery will like company. k

  3. Wow, how’d you get inside my brain (first line)? Can’t drive down the road without tears in my eyes. This is NOT me! Surely it must be the season. Right?

  4. whoa… just when I thought I was the only single and lonely person left on this planet! I’m sorry for your pain, and hope that in some strange way it makes YOU feel better knowing that you’re not the only one (it does me : )- hey, there’s safety (and comfort) in numbers!
    Oh, and if anyone tells you they understand Google analytics- they are LYIN’!

  5. Thanks for sharing your sadness…I know for me, it helps me to feel better once I get it out there.
    The copying is maddening…your work is so facinating and unique.

  6. I applaud you for your honesty. It is difficult being a single female artist who wears a lot of hats, with bills to pay and all the other mundane everyday life’s responsibilities. I read your blog and also thought… “wow that is exactly how I am feeling”. I know that times and feelings like these pass and do know that there are others out here who really care about you. Amazing this thing of the web.

  7. Eat chocolate, watch at least two good videos in a row, take a long bubble bath then go to bed by sunset. If this doesn’t work repeat again. This usually works- if not- I gain 5 lbs, get extremely wrinkly and my friends think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. LOL

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. That is a beautiful wave. Spring has similar effect on me too even though it’s one of my favorite seasons, I’ve had quite a bit of anxiety lately. And I’m very, truly, glad to know other people don’t get Google Analytics :) I think though sadness, depression, and anxiety are a necessary part of working through things , I wish it wasn’t though. I hope you feel better soon too : )

  9. Let it out girl! A good bitch session is always healthy. I hope you feel a little bit better now. Wish you lived closer, I’d cheer you up for sure. Send you on a few horrific blinds dates that will make you love being single.
    I gave up on google analytics last week. I figured what I don’t know won’t hurt me there. As for “those” copycat artists, they won’t last, and just because they don’t have an etsy shop doesn’t make it legal. People are so over rated,no? Feel better, Karin

  10. Gentlemen who won’t return something that rightfully belongs to you aren’t gentlemen and people who steal your stuff for themselves aren’t artists. It’s a sad, messy world, but there you are.
    It’s my experience that people who are feeling blue don’t necessarily want suggestions on how to make it right, rather an understanding shoulder to lead on. So here is an anonymous shoulder provided by someone who has pretty much seen it all and lived to tell the tale.

    Should you need/want some distraction from your present mood I leave you with this web address; I found it quite interesting and uplifting and it seems quite topical to your present state of affairs:×5/overnight-success/


  11. It’s sad, how many lonely people there are out there, isn’t it? What we all wouldn’t give for ONE FRIEND who understands us, who is there for us, who won’t judge us, will listen to us, will ask about our day and actually care about the answer. I’m sorry you’re feeling sad. Your art always makes me smile, so you help when I’m feeling that way. I wish I could return to favor.

  12. I am sorry you are sad. It breaks my heart to hear of any unhappiness.

    I think you are lucky that people copy you. You are absolutely nobody until that happens. (wink and chuckle) Just remember that the karma boomerang will come ’round and hit them in the ass.

  13. I feel your pain and weariness and loneliness. I think it’s possible that it’s part of the creative mind that makes us feel these things more then others do. Not that it makes it any better or easier.

    I would like to end this with some grand, “it’ll all be all right” type message. But sometimes it’s just more appropriate to say, life is shit from time to time. But you’re not alone.

  14. they actually write you to TELL you they’re going to copy you?? do they think that makes it more honest?! man! that’s the worst.

    But you even turned the sadness into something beautiful. I THINK i’m an artist until i look at your work…..its amazing… fact, i’m going to email your sites to my address book right now and maybe some sales will result, and if they don’t, i bet you’ll have a new slew of fans at the least. : )

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