And the stripping continues or welcome to my new home and other smoking updates

peeling the wallpaper

The dotted lines are signed as of May 28, 2009, the keys handed over and all is well in my new home except for the decades worth of wallpaper that I’m removing from three of the upstairs bedrooms. It normally doesn’t come off as easy as this wall did. In fact, this was the only wall that peeled in this way. Each and every other wall is painstakingly tedious to wet, scrape, peel, wet, scrape, peel…

Back Deck

I’ll officially be moving in on June 9th when the kitchen appliances and beds I ordered arrive.

The tale is being told in pictures on Flickr (28 pictures and counting) and in mighty fine tweets on Twitter. Hope you’ll join me!

Living room looking into Sunroom

Oh, and I’m 22 days smoke free today! And it has not been easy at times. Hit the more button at the bottom of my twitter and you’ll read why.

Upstairs Hallway

And add to the stress of non-smoking and buying a house; I’ve had my period for 8 days straight. I’m tired. I know it’s due to having an IUD. I will be going to doctor soon to get it taken out. This is an ongoing monthly issue for me that seems to be getting worse as the months progress since having the copper IUD inserted 2.5 years ago.

Spooky Basement 01

I can’t wait to set my studio up!

I woke today to find that my art is featured in 11 treasuries. There is a site called Craftopolis that lets you see the current treasuries you are featured in on Etsy. Hope you’ll visit each one or stop by the shop to say hi!

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11 thoughts on “And the stripping continues or welcome to my new home and other smoking updates

  1. Your house looks great, beautiful floors and woodwork. And the basement looks dingy, in that cool way that inspires haunted children’s tales and Bernie Wrightson illustrations.

  2. Congratulations! Looks like an amazing place, great spaces and love the built-ins! You’re going to love it and look back on the mounds of wallpaper fondly. Great to hear you’re still off the cigs. Cya, k

  3. Wow Jessica! This is really great news!
    Congratulations on the lovelly house! I can’t wait to se how you’ll fill it with your style. Please keep us up to date. :)

  4. Hi Jessica,

    While Googling a friends name, I was led to VeryVintage’s Flicker contacts page. I randomly noticed your Saint John locale and clicked through to your profile.
    Now, unless you are around thirty-four (and I have no reason to think you are. You look about twenty-two in that profile picture) here’s where the story ends. But if you are about that age, and went to University in Saint John in 92-93 (94?) I had the most painful crush on you.

    It’s strange, because I’ve always remembered you, but have no idea how I knew you. I can’t remember any classes together. I can’t remember any mutual friends. I only remember three definite occasions when we spoke (though I’m pretty sure we talked quite a few times over the semester.) I remember you telling me about toll painting, and your parents shop, and how you camped as a youngster at Clearwater (Crystal?) Lake in Pennfield. And I remember you and I being at the same party once, when you were upset about some jackass from my high school who was there, whom you’d had a bad romance with.

    Mostly I remember how dear and utterly sweet you were (and otherworldly gorgeous!) And how the complete hopelessness of my crush on you helped propel me into a disastrous relationship. Thanks for nothing!

    From the brief few minutes I looked at your blog, it sounds as if you are as memorable as ever. That is wonderful to know. I’m sure I’ll still remember you in ANOTHER sixteen years, when middle-age has knocked out most of my memories and I’m stooped and bald and leathery- and you, meanwhile, remain as lovely as you were as a young woman.

    Take care.


  5. Wooo :o)


    (well, your blog post is overshadowed now, but even still, your house looks like it’s gonna be freaking rad!!)

  6. Woohoo on the no-smoking front :) Keep on truckin’, chiquita…

    And holy toledo, your home looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope you post photos of your studio once you’re settling in and working there…

    Congrats on all the treasuries as well — but I’m not at all surprised, since your stuff frikkin’ rocks. You go girl!

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