Hope – Peace Edition with a touch of love or… lust

Hope - peace limited edition artwork by artist jessica doyle

More than ever we as human beings need more peace and tranquility in our lives. This isn’t to say that excitement and even struggle are not a part of it, yet there comes a time when we must move on and change our lives for the better, even when it hurts.

I feel optimistic that the hard work I’m doing will create a more fulfilling life both spiritually and financially. For too long I relied on a second income and help from a spouse only to leave one and be left by the other. I guess that evens me out. And I do hope to meet the right person someday as it does get lonely.

Very recently, I broke up with man whom I’d been dating on and off for close to eight years when we were both single. I fell in love with him. And after talking with a close friend the other night who suggested that maybe I was lusting after and not loving this man; did I realize the first to be true. She to, in turn is going through an extended break-up and I’m so grateful to have her to talk to for where I live there isn’t many single women in their 30’s who don’t have kids, to talk to or single men that I click with for that matter.

So, I’m releasing hope into the world today.

And you may remember the original drawing of Hope in pastel hues of pink, blue and green…

I played with this drawing quite a bit in Adobe Photoshop to get her to a beautiful yellow ocher colour. I’m pleased with how she turned out. Hope is a limited Edition. There will ONLY be 40 printed. You can get her in the shop.

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7 thoughts on “Hope – Peace Edition with a touch of love or… lust

  1. I find that some of the hardest things to do are usually the best for you. You’ve got a great friend there, ridiculous amounts of talent (congrats on the wall-worthiness — woot woot!), and I get the sense that you’re on a big upswing. Go get ’em, Jessica!

  2. The picture on your blog shows that you possess great artistic skills. It was nice going through your blog. It looks awesome. Keep it up the good work.

  3. Karen – I like you to!

    ayastarium – thank you!

    mchen – thanks for the congrats! Life seems to go in cycles doesn’t it?

    Thank you Flowers!

  4. Wow. How relevant to my life today. The words I couldn’t find just set before me here exactly when I needed them. tears.

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