So that Loaded Christmas Cactus Opened

And it’s still flowering! I moved it into the kitchen from the living room and set it on the central island there, as my coffee table (old vintage blue trunk) gets filled quickly with knick knacks, namely art supplies as I sit and doodle on the couch.

I’m officially renaming this Christmas Cactus, Birthday Cactus. The cactus will likely be moved again tomorrow. I’m hosting a little potluck with friends and family Saturday evening to celebrate my 36th Birthday (which is on Sunday) and we’ll need the island for food and wine.

I’m baking salt & pepper wings and also making from scratch two vegetarian quiches. The salt & pepper wings were on sale tonight at my local grocer. They are uncooked but oh so tasty.

I am rather loving the price checking war going on between Sobey’s and the Atlantic Superstore at the moment. Fifty percent of the groceries I bought yesterday were reduced to beat the competitors price. And here in Saint John, NB there are only those two chains of grocery stores to shop from with various locations scattered around the city. They can continue to battle it out. It’s fabulous for my wallet. There does exist the odd veggie, fruit and meat market but they are very far and few between and only located in the Historic Uptown core.

Happy Friday everyone!

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5 thoughts on “So that Loaded Christmas Cactus Opened

  1. Happy Early Birthday to you!! 😀

    Ah, the Competitive Shopping battles! LOL I remember those days from my stint as a grocery manager for a local store. If I was caught price shopping, their management would throw me out. 😉 So I went full-blown disguise, hehe… grabbed a shopping cart, threw some items into it, and pretended I was an undercover spy hired to expose dirty government secrets.

    It was so cheesy… :)

  2. First off……….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    My mother has had one of these cactus’ for years, and you are right. It’s beautiful, and the blooms are gorgeous!
    Have a great birthday!!!

  3. I am in love with your art and now with this cute cactus full of flowers! I never knew cactus would be that {incredibly} flowery… Hugs and have a nice Birthday!

  4. TaraFly – so cheesy but I love it to!

    Cheryl – Thanks for the Bday wishes. Mom’s must have a way of growing cacti :)

    Sandra and Rahul – thanks so much for the Bday wishes!

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