The Four Seasons Tree Series is now Featured on a Polarity LOCKET SET

A little while back I announced that the Sassy Sea Urchin and George the Fish were available on a recycled locket set by Polarity. They are no longer available due to some exciting news which I can’t tell you about… yet.


To take their place I offered Polarity the rights to use the Four Seasons Tree Series to feature on a locket set with four interchangeable lids. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…


The set is stunning and for sale in my shop now!


And if you are looking for the Four Seasons archival print sets (8×8 inch and 5×5 inch size) they can be found in the Print Sets Section of my shop.

Polarity also writes and authors a fantastic blog! Go and say hi to her!

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3 thoughts on “The Four Seasons Tree Series is now Featured on a Polarity LOCKET SET

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My daughter Alexandra (turning 16 on Monday) loves the lockets with the sea life on it, let me know how I can get a set,

  2. Thanks Nicholas, you would need to order the set from my shop at

    This is the section the locket sets are found in:

    The lockets ship from my jewelers studio in the United States so it might not arrive in time for your daughter’s Birthday but it should arrive soon after. It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks for shipments to arrive from the States to here in Canada.

    All other items listed in my shop ship from my studio in Saint John or they can be ordered and picked up in person.

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