Hand painting Christmas balls or is it really about sex?

Each year, well almost every year I sit down and paint Christmas balls for gift giving as I finally did finish setting up that area in the living room to paint at earlier this week. I needed an area that could remain creatively messy. Thus far I’ve painted four Christmas balls and sadly have run out of Varathane to top coat them with. I’ll need to make a run to the hardware store this weekend. Yes, I use hardwood floor varnish on any piece that I paint with acrylic.

I think painting is like riding a bike. You really don’t forget how to do it but it does take about four balls to get back into the groove of making those itsy bitsy paint strokes. I use Kroma Artist Quality Acrylic made on Granville Island in Vancouver and you can only buy it there to. It’s a wonderful milky acrylic and heavily pigmented for a brilliant colour and a smooth finish.

These are some finished balls I’ve painted from years gone by that I’ve kept for myself. I think I’ve painted close to 150 different balls that family and friends now have and decorate their trees with.

And this just made me laugh to much not to post this here on the blog!

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13 thoughts on “Hand painting Christmas balls or is it really about sex?”

  1. Love your ‘Christmas’ balls! Are they papier mache balls? Gifting balls for Christmas is a good idea. I think I will try to find some balls to paint myself.

  2. I also love the paper scrap pack idea too. I’ve got six nieces who would love that, I think I’ve got my Christmas present project for next week :)))) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Sandy and Lindsey…

    Most likely Lindsey. I used to sell them about 10 years ago locally at a few smaller sales in Fredericton, NB and would like to sell them again. First need to get them painted :)

  4. What a pretty idea and special gifts to make. Are the balls made of glass? My family usually has handmade holidays and those are the most cherished things I own.

  5. The balls are made with paper maché Christa. I love the diea of having a completely handmade Christmas to. My mom and i have ornaments we made together when I was a kid from 30 years ago. Time flies eh?

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