An update with Media Temple

Just a quick little note to say that I spoke on the phone with Andrew Won, VP of Customer Service from Media Temple on Thursday afternoon shortly after posting the Open Letter. And we worked everything out. They are a great host who seem to be very forward thinking. Do read their comments in the Open Letter to them below.

As a result of this conversation, I do plan to continue hosting my blog with them. And while they can make no promises that this sort of thing could not happen again they did assure me that they are doing everything possible to keep it from happening again.

I must say, that the fact that they took the time to DM me on Twitter, email me and in the end ask for my phone number to personally call me holds value in my books.

When I first migrated this blog to Media Temple they were instrumental in helping get it up and running. Their excellent fully searchable knowledge base combined with their unprecedented support system via ticket and phone gave me the tools I needed to get the migration done. I learned about .htaccess files and PHP 5 and how to install a WordPress blog. I’ve hosted with other companies in the past and these guys and gals even though bigger (at last count hosting 250,000 sites) are not forgetting about us smaller one’s.

I look forward to and hope to be a part of their Community Pages that Jason McVearry, Community Director at Media Temple spoke of in his comment. And secretly hope that maybe, someday, my logo will appear somewhere on the site.

Anyhow, thank you MT! :)

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6 thoughts on “An update with Media Temple”

  1. I’ve been quite happy with DreamHost, but I acknowledge that MT has always had a good reputation for fostering good will within the community. Glad you’re finally able to get it sorted.

  2. Duped by a salesman. And the “community page” he referenced ? Bullshit to shut you up. It worked.

  3. Ya think so Clarkson? I’m still hopeful and will begin to make a fuss again if nothing is created or in the least planned.

  4. Clarkson is right. There is no community site, not that it would fix the grid’s chronic problems since 2006. After years of this mess, I am down to one account left on the grid. I left you a longer comment about it, but google MT, the grid, and “latency” if you want to see how long and how clearly the root causes of this problem have been known.

  5. Dan, I’ve been googling and also searching Twitter for real time results on @mediatemple about MediaTemple and learning everything I can before making an informed decision about leaving or staying. All hosts have issues from what I’ve learned through research. I guess it’s up to the site owner to in the least educate themselves on what issues they find acceptable and can live with on their site(s).

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