Customer Appreciation Photos!

Recently a few customers of mine have posted their photos of artwork they have purchased from me to their Facebook account and tagged said photo with my name. Oddly enough they are all from men. 😉

The first is from Chris who purchased Baby Shower, for his wife when he found out she was pregnant, for their babies nursery.

The second is from Andrew. He purchased both Radiant Melana and Grace.

The third is from Scott who has purchased multiple pieces for gifts. The artwork he tagged is of Set It Free which you can grab the 5×7 version for free from the Free Downloads page.

Thanks so much guys for showing me how you have displayed my artwork. If you have pictures of my art on display feel free to send them to me. I’d love to see them! My email is eastvanesica _AT_ gmail {dot} com.

And conversely do add me as a friend on facebook for regular updates. i’m hoping to get a Facebook Fanpage set up and running soon. I’ll announce here when it’s live!

UPDATE – KJ McLean from MyCreatedLife just emailed me her photo of Milton the Fish, Annabelle the Fish and Emily the Fish! so cute! Love your kitty cat staring up at them! Thank you KJ!

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7 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Photos!

  1. Four Seasons went to Mom but the rest were for me… I was planning on buying something for my sisters when I went to the art show but I really liked the little dude in the boat :)

  2. Gorgeous. I think it’s great that people are willing to give you credit. As well, they should!!! :): )

  3. It feels nice Scott and Cheryl. I’m both honoured and humbled that they each shared these photos with me.

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