The children’s book Every Someday that I illustrated is available for purchase now

Just before Christmas the children’s book Every Someday written by Amanda Lenker and illustrated by me was self published on Blurb in soft cover, hard cover and hard cover with dust jacket editions. It’s a fantastic little book and your kids will adore it!

On blurb you can preview select parts of how Every Someday reads and looks like.


$19.95 for the soft cover
$29.95 for hard cover
$34.95 for hand cover with dust jacket

The book measures 7×7 inches and is 24 pages.

You can view the initial drawings and ideas of the two main characters Something and Nothing in this previous sneak peak of a blog post.

We hope you like the book as much as we enjoyed working together on it. We have future plans which we will share as they materialize.

Until then, do go and buy the book and travel into the world of Somewhere and Nowhere! The book pictured above is the hardcover edition.

We are actively searching for a book publisher. If you are a publisher please do get in touch with us. We also wholesale Every Someday if you a retailer and would like to carry the book. Email us at everysomeday {AT} gmail DOT com for the details. Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “The children’s book Every Someday that I illustrated is available for purchase now”

  1. I’m pretty excited about the collaboration with Amanda. With the tools available online these days it’s possible to do these things. Your artwork would be ideal for a children’s book Angie :)

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Those are truly beautiful illustrations — I love your work! I just illustrated a book called ‘Someday’ (in a very different style) and came across your site by accident. You have a wonderful playfulness with a touch of a Miro influence, really nice. Take a look at to see mine if you like (written by Penny Schnee-Bosch).

    Best of luck with your book!

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