Art Studio Tour or the before and after shots of where I make that art

I use the dining room in the house as my studio. In behind the computer desk there is a built in china cabinet that upon further inspection used to be a double width doorway likely built in the 1950’s that used to lead into a littler room which is now the laundry room. I use the china cabinet for storing most of my smaller original artworks, journals, sketchbooks and handpainted items. It keeps the dust off of them. And a newer single width doorway was added to enter the kitchen around the same time.

Old houses have history and if you begin looking hard enough you’ll find old doorways that have long since been forgotten about and nooks and crannies that you didn’t realize existed before.

Before shot - computer desk housing iMac work area in artist Jessica Doyle's art studio

I did a major clean-up of the studio this past weekend and took many before and after shots. Above is the computer desk area where my iMac is housed and the great big wooden bin that my grandfather built where I keep some of my packaging supplies. My cousin’s parents gave me the white desk shortly after I bought my house. And to the right on the IKEA shelf is where I store greeting cards, prints, packaging, certificates and other art supplies.

It was a disaster area in here and had become impossible to work in. I believe your workspace does reflect your state of mind. Below is the after shot.

After shot - computer desk housing iMac work area in artist Jessica Doyle's art studio

Before shot - drafting table work area in artist Jessica Doyle's art studio

Above is the drafting table area where I do most of my cutting, signing and assembling. I always keep a large paper bag beside it for recycling the bits of paper I do not want or can not use. I also create paper scrap packs to with the best of the recycled papers.

My Dad built the drafting table in 1996 as a graduation gift using a plan he found in a 1930’s Popular Mechanics magazine. The sides slide out and there is a deep drawer in front for storage to. I house my Xacto knifes, staples and some tape inside the drawer. The best thing of all is there is a working light table inside and the top can be adjusted into an easel to.

Drafting table that turns into light table and easel built by artist Jessica Doyle's Father using a plan from Popular Mechanics

Below is the after shot of cleaning the drafting table area. One of these days I’ll attack the piles of paper underneath it and figure out what to do with the decades worth of printed graphic design work that I did in my twenties that is stacked on top of a vintage dark brown wooden sewing kit from my mom. I house various art supplies inside that to.

Before shot - drafting table work area in artist Jessica Doyle's art studio

The printing area houses both the Epson R2880 and the HP Photosmart D7260 before and after shots can be seen below. The printer area doesn’t seem to get too messy although I do need to recycle the ink cartridges that are stacked on the window ledge. Staples will take them and once they get enough of each brand they’ll begin selling their own ink for the various printers that are available on the market. So do recycle your cartridges so it will drive the ink prices down.

Before shot - epson r2880 and HP photosmart d7260 in artist jessica doyle's studio

The black plastic folding table I bought from Canadian Tire for $40. And underneath are two plastic bins full of supplies! The portfolios to the left house many original artworks and sheets of unused expensive papers from all over the world that I’ve collected over the last 20 years. It’s so nice to be able to dive into a portfolio and pull out exactly what you need. These are my tools of the trade!

A good thing to do is to vacuum your printers once in a while using a brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner so that you don’t damage your printer. It’ll get all the loose dust that seems to collect easily on top and just inside your printer. Do not vacuum where your printer heads are OK.

After shot - epson r2880 and HP photosmart d7260 in artist jessica doyle's studio

My whole life I dreamed of having a room dedicated to art creation. For so long I only had a bedroom, closets or the kitchen table to work on. And it brings tears to my eyes to think that after all these years I do have a studio. I worked very hard for this and continue to do so. The only area that is not housed in my studio is the painting area. I took over a corner of my living room that is dedicated to messy painting!

Jessica Doyle's Art studio

Tonight I’ll be packaging up a few orders that came in over the last couple of days and also retouching the photos that I took of the series of greeting cards made with these illustrations. There’re some pretty!

There is also only one set of boxes remaining in the shop. The three other sets that were listed in the shop sold this month. The other sets and ornaments in the picture will be listed soon.

Hand painted boxes and Christmas ornaments by artist Jessica Doyle

One of these days I’ll get some art up on the walls in my studio… one step at a time…

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and thanks for touring my studio!

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22 thoughts on “Art Studio Tour or the before and after shots of where I make that art”

  1. I love peeking into other artists’ studio’s to. It’s always fascinating how we each set our work spaces up so very differently depending on what our craft, trade or medium is that we create with.

    And thank you about the drafting table my Dad made. It works best if stood at. He custom made it to work for my height.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jessica, you have a great setup.

    I totally agree with you about how our workspace reflects our state of mind. When I de-clutter it always feels refreshing, and I usually find a sketch or two that got buried which inspires me.

  3. Jessica, love looking into your space and love the doors.(forgot what you call them).

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I know we’re not supposed to covet other people’s stuff, but I covet, covet, covet that drafting table. Bravo – nay, many bravos and a standing ovation – to your Dad for building something so wonderful. I have looked at a lot of drafting tables of all price ranges, and I haven’t seen anything that nice available for purchase – and I am sure that the fact that he made it for you makes it even more special.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I love the drafting table to. I’ll write another post soon to illustrate the different ways that the table can be adjusted as i’m only showing one way in the above post.

    My Dad also says a BIG thank you :)

  6. Awww, I’m sooo jealous of the extreme amount of lighting you enjoy, not to mention the space itself. One of these days….

    I have a table, a desk, and a closet, and one large window facing a busy street. I share the remainder of the room with DVD/CD towers, Joe’s photography equipment, a couple bookcases filled with children’s books and decorating magazines, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that is too expensive to store in the basement we share with the duplex neighbors. 😛

    Your father is an amazing man, building furniture for you and helping to restore your house! You’re fortunate to have him. :)

  7. LOVED the tour…I liked the “no dust” area in the dining room–an essential for all types of art. Your boxes are marvelous–such vibrant color and detail. Veered off to the boutique wine shop, too. Great blog; one day maybe I’ll have one as well.

    Keep up the creativity!!

  8. Hi my name is Hana from Jordan middle east, i’m really touched by your story because it’s very similar to mine, i also suffered from addiction and found my way out through art, i love your work, there’s something about it that makes me feel good :) i also left my 9-5 job to do what i love, i respect people like you..

    please continue inspiring us :)

  9. thank you for showing me this! this is wonderful! and i very very much enjoyed and understood your 9-5 video.

    i’m so glad i found your blog!
    smiles to you,

  10. It’s my first time to read your blog. I was blown away by your honesty. I admire how you dealt with your addiction. Most of all i admire your artworks! They are so painfully detailed! Keep it up! You are unknowingly inspiring other people to do what they are passionate about.

    P.S. Your dad is the man! 😀 So nice of him to build your drafting table.

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always been fascinated by other artists work spaces, love the energy. You can feel the creativity pouring from everywhere in your space. I used to have a much larger studio before moving into an apartment and I miss the “creative chaos”.

  12. Thank you i am ghaving a clean up, and its good to know other people get in a mess too!! The Office looked a lat tidier in the later shots…well done!!

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