A little bit of vacation

Daily scribbles by artist Jessica Doyle

My Etsy shops are closing this Saturday at noon EST now. They’ll likely be closed for one week and reopen once the the other stuff is tended to.

I have custom work to finish.

I want to garden and simultaneously take a packaging and postal run break to.

I think I’ll drive somewhere far away and take a mini vacation on less than $150. Believe me, I can do it. I’m one of the most frugal people out there. Case in point, I’ve only put $30 worth of gas in my car since buying it two months ago.

I want to work on my hobby and research both vintage and antique items. I love researching! It actually makes me happy searching the interwebs and tubes of information on things that are from a time before.

I want to visit my long time friends; Lisa, Gillian, Shyanne and Karen. I’ve known these women most of my life, since early childhood and they understand and I understand and know that regardless of how long it’s been since we last saw each other that we can pick up straight from where we leaped off. They are akin to my sisters.

I always loved how my Mom was so close to her four sisters while I was growing up.

I really enjoyed my time off in February. I always know when it’s time for a vacation as I simply stop drawing and painting. I haven’t drawn or painted anything in two weeks. Been doing other creative things.

I just want to let the dust settle and plant some seeds so to speak.

I write things down on little bits of paper; thousands of little bits of pieces of paper. This little piece of paper is one of the most recent. I doodled it on the back of one of my certificates of authenticity. Please note that identifying numbers have been censored.

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8 thoughts on “A little bit of vacation”

  1. Yay! Your doodle notes are so purrrty. I take lots of notes, too, but they are very reminiscent of cat scratches in a litter box.
    Enjoy your vacation! Perhaps you could invite your friends to your new home, and throw a gardening party. Everybody plants a few bulbs, and then DRINKS afterwards! :)
    Have fun. :)
    – Tara

  2. A gardening party sounds delightful! I hope the sun comes out this weekend. I’m taking today off from gardening to give my body some time to recuperate and working online today in behind the scenes.

    One of these days I’ll bind up all the notes that are sitting underneath a paper weight on my desk 😉

    I’ll still be around online, just not on Etsy.

  3. Hey Jessica

    I’ve been reading some of your blog and I have two comments:

    1) I love your drawings, they are delightful and refreshing!
    2) I have a friend named Alexis who shares your passion/addiction for Pepsi…. when I see that you make a point to add that you’ve drank a Pepsi, it reminds me of her! and makes me laugh! ahhh she’s going to kill me for bringin’ it up! :)

  4. Excellent plan!

    hey, you could probably event shut down your computer for the long weekend,and give it a vaca too! Enjoy your break- you deserve it. You are one of the hardest working artists I know!

  5. Seeing as I don’t own a mobile device Sandy, I will be without a computer or internet for most of the weekend. Should be interesting to be unplugged for a few days 😉

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